Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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TI invests significantly in programs, policies and tools that keep its workplace safe, and to ensure that employees can work freely without fear of a related illness or injury. We expect employees to participate in applicable occupational health and safety training, and do their part to keep their work environment safe, regardless of their role.

In our quest to have our industry's best record for safe operations, including zero work-related injuries and illnesses, we:

  • Comply with applicable environmental, safety and health (ESH) laws and regulations.
  • Create and operate safe work sites.
  • Maintain proper safety protocols and controls.
  • Design and build inherently safe buildings, and engineer out equipment risks.
  • Deliver relevant and required ESH training.
  • Inspect and audit our processes to assess compliance with the many rigorous legal and customer requirements, as well as our own stringent standards.