Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Safety practices

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At TI, where innovation, planning and development happen at our employees' desks and workstations, we proactively identify and eliminate potential risks before they occur. We do this by establishing optimal working conditions. Our ergonomics program focuses on three key areas:

  • Employee comfort and productivity. Trained professionals evaluate individual workspaces, develop and implement corrective actions, and provide ergonomics training for employees. To reduce the risk of ergonomics-related injuries, new employees assigned to an office receive an ergonomic assessment following orientation to have their computer workstations set up correctly. All employees can request an ergonomic assessment any time using an online form. This approach has reduced employee injuries and saved us money.
  • Material handling. We analyze material-handling tasks in manufacturing and supporting areas to identify the best way to perform certain tasks, reduce risks and prevent problems. We share our best practices among sites worldwide.
  • Equipment design. We review new equipment and work with suppliers to meet performance expectations. We have helped shape ergonomic and safety design guidelines for new equipment and materials through the Semiconductor Equipment Materials International Association. Although some of our internal design guidelines go beyond these guidelines, this industrywide effort improves global working conditions and equipment safety.
As our mobile workforce has increased, we have provided ergonomic solutions for the use of laptops, home offices and even smartphones. We also provide employees with brochures, Web resources, online ergonomics training and access to specialists who can give related advice.

Facility and campus

We monitor and take extensive measures to protect the safety and security of our people and property.


The design of manufacturing equipment continues to include more safety-conscious features. We confirm that interlocks and automatic shutdown systems are functioning properly to reduce the possibility of accidents.

When we purchase new wafer-manufacturing equipment, we require suppliers to submit an independent safety and ergonomics evaluation. If the report indicates the potential for moderate to high risks, we will not accept the shipment. We are expanding these requirements to new equipment purchased for assembly/test processes.

In addition, if we receive notice of equipment malfunctions or product safety issues, we share this information with our sites and track corrective actions.


We evaluate, screen and control the chemicals we use in manufacturing to ensure the health and safety of employees and the environment, as well as compliance with local regulations. You can read more about our chemical-management programs in Sustainable Manufacturing.