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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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2012 performance

Commuting | Fleet | Shipping | Results | Looking ahead

Employees continued to participate in commute programs globally. Our bicycle-commuting community achieved some significant milestones in 2012. For our international Bike to Work Day, the number of participating sites increased by 57 percent. In addition, employees logged 9 percent more miles than in 2011.

In Dallas, we experienced rising costs, as Dallas Area Rapid Transit increased the price of its annual pass to $600. While TI subsidized $250 of that the fee, employees had to pay the difference. Previously, they were responsible for just $50 of it. We expect ridership may decline as a result.

TI France subsidizes half the cost of monthly public transportation passes for its employees.

Other key highlights of the year included:


  • Held bicycling events and training classes at some of our Texas and California campuses for employees interested in biking to work.
  • Installed on-site shower facilities at two Texas sites to encourage additional bicycle commuting.
  • Created a new bicycling collaboration site on our intranet to promote Bike to Work Day, encourage worldwide participation, and facilitate discussion forums and photo sharing.
  • Posted the location of shower facilities and bike parking for sites worldwide on our Commute Solutions website.
  • Installed four charging stations at our Santa Clara, Calif., site for employees to plug in their electric vehicles while at work.
  • Added bike repair stations, showers and a bicycle gate at our headquarters to encourage more employees to bike to work.
  • Held town hall meetings in Dallas to gather feedback from employee shuttle riders on how to improve the service.
  • Expanded weekend shuttle service to include an additional North Texas site. The service from mass-transit stations to our campuses reduces the need for weekend commuters to drive.


  • We replaced two older vehicles in the North Texas fleet this year with more efficient options.


Our product shipping team had a busy year integrating shipments and consolidating product volume from former National Semiconductor manufacturing sites. We also took time to reposition capital equipment across the globe via trucks and ships, which saved us the expense of shipping by air and enabled us to respond more effectively to manufacturing fluctuations.

Additional highlights for the year included:
  • Continuing to grow and develop distribution in Shanghai, China, to get products to market efficiently for our Asia-Pacific customers.
  • Shipping finished goods directly from our manufacturing sites to deliver products faster.
  • Improving work processes to meet both our own and our customers' time and expense goals.


  • More than 450 TI bike commuters pedaled a combined 7,300 miles in 14 countries during TI's Bike to Work Day. This effort alone saved 359 gallons of gasoline and eliminated 3.1 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Nearly 200 U.S. employees participated in the 2012 National Bike Challenge. Our team placed sixth in the nation based on miles logged.
  • Approximately 18,680 employees (55 percent of our workforce) had the tools for remote connectivity to telecommute.
  • In the U.S., our concierges filled 11,450 requests (a 24 percent increase from 2011); 46 percent of U.S. employees used the service, which saved them an estimated 34,350 hours.
  • In North Texas:
    • About 10 percent of employees – more than 900 individuals – used mass transit to commute to work.
    • More than 500 employees participated in TI- and Dallas Area Rapid Transit-subsidized vanpools.
    • On average, more than 500 employees used our shuttle service daily for travel to mass-transit stations.
    • The 171 employees who tracked their commutes on the North Central Texas Council of Government's TryParkingIt website reduced their mileage by nearly 94,000 miles, which eliminated more than 82,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • In Malaysia, more than one-third of employees rode shuttles to and from work.
  • We saved more than $15 million by consolidating product volume, optimizing our shipping network, and negotiating better prices despite fuel and industry cost increases. We also saved more than $5 million in transportation expenses by repositioning equipment using ocean instead of air freight.
  • We shipped more than 75,000 different products to customers in more than 100 countries.

Looking ahead

Our primary commuting, fleet and shipping plans for 2013 include:

  • Installing 46 electric vehicle charging stations at 12 Texas sites thanks to a federally funded program.
  • Applying for a bicycle-friendly business designation at one or two U.S. sites.
  • Investigating viable commuting options at international sites.
  • Increasing employees' total miles logged to 10,000 globally during international Bike to Work Day.
  • Reinvigorating how we promote and make our bicycling offerings accessible to other sites in the U.S. and abroad to increase employee participation.
  • Connecting employee cyclists worldwide through the use of social networking and online resources.
  • Offering additional bicycle safety courses in North Texas, if interest is high.
  • Offering a "check engine light day" free to employees to diagnose vehicle emission problems. This will coincide with Earth Day.
As financially feasible, we aim to replace 24 less-efficient vehicles in a little more than two years with more fuel-efficient, lower-emission models. We also are evaluating whether to purchase or continue leasing vehicles we acquired.

We will continue identifying product shipping cost, efficiency and consolidation opportunities, as well as optimizing our freight movement infrastructure.