Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Product shipping

We ship thousands of products to multiple customers around the globe when and where they need them. This is no small task. And with nearly 90 percent of our product sales outside the U.S., it is incumbent upon us to identify the most efficient modes of transportation to improve our bottom line and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our "just-in-time" shipping strategy leverages some of the world's largest transportation service providers to streamline our shipment process. We also strategically place our distribution centers and select our suppliers to ensure that we can continually deliver our products in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

To facilitate efficiency, we deliberately locate our distribution centers to shorten routes, eliminate multiple product handling for individual customers, and pack the largest volume of products we can into each shipment. We also seek to limit air freight, as it is the most expensive mode of transportation.

We continuously engage our business units to ensure that we can fulfill anticipated orders. We track shipments and our efficiency progress using an automated system that records daily activities worldwide.

Both our customers and the countries where we operate have different shipment-label requirements based on the type of material shipped. It is an ongoing objective to comply with these ever-changing regulations and import/export laws, while still ensuring the timely delivery of our products.