Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Energy strategy

Our manufacturing operations account for about 90 percent of TI's total energy use and are the focal point for our global energy strategy, which includes efforts to:
  • Systematically improve efficiencies.
    • We set and track performance to energy goals as part of our environmental, safety and health (ESH) management system.
    • We design new buildings and upgrade our existing equipment, operating systems and buildings to be more efficient.
    • We invest annually in conservation measures.
  • Manage energy costs.
    • We work to secure reliable energy supplies for our facilities at competitive prices and use thermal energy storage systems. These systems store chilled water that is produced at off-peak hours for use during peak energy consumption hours. 
  • Purchase renewable energy.
    • Although we currently see much better financial return and reduced environmental impact from reducing energy use (through operations efficiency), we continue to evaluate the purchase of electricity generated from renewable resources and the installation of renewable generation on-site.
  • Manufacture and use efficient products.
    • We design and manufacture products that enable efficiency, such as intelligent technologies that help utilities reduce costs and power consumption and improve how energy demand is monitored and managed.
    • We look for ways to integrate and use our technologies in our own facilities to improve operating efficiency, such as installing LED lighting made with semiconductors that are twice as efficient as fluorescent lighting.
    • We invest in strategic research and development and applied engineering projects with industrial partners. While the nature of these projects is typically confidential, the focus of certain projects is energy and water conservation within our manufacturing processes.
  • Employee involvement.
    • We promote energy efficiency to employees through consistent communications, leadership support, educational activities and global awareness-building events such as Earth Day.
    • We recognize energy performance in our annual ESH Excellence Awards, given to our facilities that best embody and demonstrate ESH principles. These awards are one way we internally recognize continuous improvement in energy efficiency.