Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Industrial waste

Industrial waste originates from manufacturing operations and is classified according to regulating authorities in each operating region. It primarily includes chemicals used in manufacturing processes.

TI works to reduce or recycle waste from manufacturing operations. We start by reducing our use of chemicals or disposables. We also recapture and recycle materials, such as valuable pump oils. In some cases, we use high-pressure water instead of chemicals in some cleanup applications. Elsewhere, we replace chemicals with environmentally benign substitutes when possible.

We can reuse materials and resources in several different ways, and have implemented methods to recover metals from solids, liquids and sludge. Some items, including certain solvents, are burned in boilers or industrial furnaces for energy recovery. We also reuse slurry, which is a mixture of water, ultra-fine abrasive particles and some additives that produces a polished surface on silicon wafers.

We also sell some of our used process chemicals for reuse in other industries. By segregating and repurposing waste chemicals, we reduce the amount of chemicals that need to be manufactured for other industries and that need to be disposed of.

In addition, we recycle water used in our fabrication processes by feeding it to utility plant cooling towers for heating and cooling purposes.