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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Other applications

Education | Government | Optical 3-D measurement

TI's low-power, energy-efficient technologies are being put to use in other industries as well. Here is a broad sampling of other applications using our products.


The TI-Nspire™ suite of educational technology is revolutionizing the way math and science are taught and learned, which is improving students' interest, understanding and achievement in these subjects. Our integrated solution for math and science classrooms allows:

  • Math and science content to be shared digitally, which helps educators with classroom management, expedites learning, and increases student engagement.
  • Teachers to gauge students’ understanding of math and science concepts immediately, so that they can track progress and adjust instruction as needed.
  • Technology solutions to be used in the science classroom, lab or field.
  • Educators to access thousands of free online classroom-ready activities that connect math and science to the real world.
  • Math and science teaching and learning across multiple technology platforms.
We also brought our DLP® technology from movie theaters into classrooms, with 3-D-ready projectors that deliver a visually immersive environment for advanced learning. Our DLP pico projectors are ultraportable, making them perfect for student work groups and study teams.

Other educational applications for 3-D are countless, and include:
  • Briefing military personnel on the latest capabilities for fighter planes as the aircraft pivots to simulate flight on the screen.
  • Showcasing the latest computer-aided design plans for a construction project.
  • Offering anatomy lessons that allow medical students to visually practice heart surgery.
  • Creating 360-degree-view images of complex molecular bond structures for chemistry students.
  • Bringing movies to life in a home theater.


We do not sell products directly to the U.S. government for defense-related applications. However, our customers may use our products in end equipment that has defense- and national security-related applications.

Optical 3-D measurement

DLP technology allows optical measurements to be taken in three dimensions by projecting patterns of light onto an object. A typical DLP chip contains up to 8 million mirrors. Each mirror measures less than one-fifth the width of a human hair and can be tilted at a rate of 10,000 times a second to reflect light and create precise digital images on a surface. A camera or sensor detects the light distortion, and image processing is used to calculate a 3-D image.

This technology can be used:

  • In industrial settings to inspect fine-resolution device features, measure machine parts for accuracy, or ensure the quality of auto parts.
  • By dentists to optically measure the width and height of teeth, so they can diagnose dental issues without having to use unpleasant casting materials.
  • By physicians to accurately fit prosthetics on patients who have lost limbs.
  • By oil and gas companies to inspect pipe corrosion and prevent leaks.