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Welcome to TI’s eighth annual Corporate Citizenship Report.
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TI's 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s social and environmental performance in fiscal year 2013. The information presented covers all wholly owned TI operations worldwide (unless otherwise stated).

Terms such as TI, the company, we, our and us are used interchangeably to refer to TI operations. All currency is presented in U.S. dollars.

We're in the business of engineering a better tomorrow. It starts with understanding the world's greatest challenges. Then we go to work; designing and manufacturing the right game-changing solutions — in a responsible way.

Rich Templeton
Chairman, president and chief executive officer

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 • Continued developing technologies to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, and recognized by Thomson Reuters as a Top 100 Global Innovator.
 • Assessed the environmental and social programs of 90 percent of our major suppliers to better understand their current practices and to drive compliance.
 • Implemented 131 energy- and water-efficiency projects, resulting in annualized savings of $10.2 million.
 • Recycled 29 percent of the water we consumed and 92 percent of waste we generated.
 • Granted $27.9 million to local community organizations through TI, the TI Foundation and the TI Community Fund. Employees also gave $5.7 million.
 • Enabled employees to donate 61,000 hours of their time to community organizations – a 30 percent increase – valued at almost $1.4 million.

TI's complete online Citizenship Report was prepared using the Sustainability Reporting G3.1 Guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Citizenship Report meets the standards for GRI's self-assessed Application Level A and expands upon previously published citizenship reports.

The report is divided into seven sections and 35 subsections. The report is navigable using the GRI index or the drop-down menus (above) from each section of the report: Company, Products, Environment, Employees, Community, Advocacy and Governance.

Corporate citizenship is TI’s commitment to be accountable for its social, environmental and economic impact around the world. We set high standards for our global operations and are focused on ethical business practices and compliance both inside the company and throughout our supply chain.

The information presented in this report is verified through rigorous internal review processes. We strive to ensure the information presented is accurate and complete.

We review our report data collection systems annually to ensure they cover the breadth and scope of the information needed. We also conduct a gap analysis to ensure all information of importance to stakeholders is comprehensively addressed. In addition, we have begun efforts to validate our current data management practices to ensure that consistent and verifiable environmental data collection and reporting methodologies are used.