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Employee well-being


Results | Looking ahead

TI spent 2013 continuing to engage early career talent and helping employees learn, perform and grow. We launched Make an Impact, our signature development program for new college graduates across the globe. This one-year initiative is designed to enhance performance and accelerate growth and success within the company.

Make an Impact provides consistent classroom-style training featuring weeklong engineering boot camps to learn TI-specific methods and processes. In addition, a core set of professional classes help new college graduates perform at a high level and learn strategies to advance their careers. The program also allows early career professionals to meet and learn from senior technical and business leaders at events throughout the year.

We also:

  • Continued developing product line managers to help them better lead their teams and execute business strategies.
  • Strengthened our global rotation programs for new college graduates by further refining process, quality and execution consistency worldwide.
  • Implemented a standardized quality assessment process to evaluate classroom training curricula and effectiveness, while continuing to improve our approach.


  • Delivered an average of 32 hours of training to each employee.
  • Welcomed and provided introductory orientations to 3,325 new employees.
  • Invited about 950 new college graduates to participate in the Make an Impact program.
  • Placed 379 new college graduates into global rotation programs.
  • Held four-day boot camps for more than 400 experienced engineers to teach them cutting-edge engineering techniques that will enhance the quality of their design work for our customers.
  • Extended invitations to 335 first-time managers to participate in our comprehensive Choose to Lead program, which includes formal workshops, online resources and a 360-degree assessment.
  • Promoted or elected 349 employees to TI’s Technical Ladder. This prestigious program recognizes employees who are making key technical or production contributions.
  • Held supervisor forums and/or development days for more than 400 supervisors to build their people management skills and share leadership best practices.
  • Helped 464 employees further their education by reimbursing $2.2 million in tuition through our educational assistance program.
  • Maintained a TI Virtual Library, through which engineers downloaded an average of 14,000 technical articles each month.
  • Hosted workshops for more than 350 business leaders across business units to establish common best practices on new product execution and existing growth initiatives.

Looking ahead

In 2014, we will continue focusing worldwide talent development on initiatives that help drive company growth and sustainability. These include:

  • Standardizing how we train and develop managers who supervise employees across TI to help them become better leaders. Managers will learn how to better engage and motivate their teams to improve results using a single set of leader expectations.
  • Rolling out a performance management campaign, Performance Matters, to drive consistent and meaningful performance discussions between employees and their managers. The campaign will include an annual calendar of events to promote goal-setting and encourage mid-year and year-end evaluations. TI will provide centralized resources to guide managers and employees through these conversations. Elements of the campaign include a standardized global awareness campaign, a centralized repository system to capture written goals and action plans, and standardized templates and workshops.
  • Providing a global solution for managers, Supervisor Basics, to provide critical, real-time information about core TI policies and procedures, applicable employment laws and manager processes. This information will ensure that TI managers globally have easy access to information to help them be effective in their roles.
  • Expanding our Make an Impact program to include additional engineering training globally to newer employees in manufacturing.