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TI has remained in business for more than 80 years thanks to the ingenuity and expertise of its employees, who joined the company knowing they could create technology that could change the world. They embody our commitment to integrity, our passion for innovation and our drive for excellence.

Because our continued success depends on beneficial opportunities and positive experiences for each employee, we continually develop, assess and refine our workplace programs and policies to protect their health and safety, support professional growth, and boost job satisfaction and performance.


TI faces the same workforce challenges as any large global organization, and continuously seeks to:

  • Attract, competitively compensate, and retain critical talent.
  • Keep employees safe and healthy at work.
  • Offer appropriate and timely professional development and growth opportunities.
  • Create an ethical, diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Communicate priorities, listen to feedback, and recognize contributions.
  • Provide flexibility where possible so employees can balance outside obligations with their work deadlines.

As a multinational technology company based in the U.S., we need access to highly educated professionals who are qualified in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The ability to continue innovating is vital not only to our company's sustainability but to the economic health of the U.S. and the world. To complicate matters, we have difficulty retaining U.S.-educated foreign national workers due to existing immigration laws.


Each year, we evaluate and work to improve our work environment. In 2013, we continued to take action on the following opportunities:

  • Building student interest in STEM to encourage their pursuit of technical careers at TI.
  • Advocating for immigration reform to keep U.S.-trained engineers in the country.
  • Providing innovative and compelling work and challenging career opportunities to boost job satisfaction and retention.
  • Forging meaningful relationships and recognizing professional contributions.
  • Strengthening performance-management processes to encourage candid discussions and help people achieve professional goals.
  • Offering health and wellness programs to diminish or eliminate chronic health issues and reduce costs and absenteeism.
  • Building awareness of flexible work options.
  • Assessing and refining benefit and compensation packages to help attract and retain employees.
  • Ensuring that employees meet our human rights, ethics and business conduct standards.
  • Increasing awareness of TI's pioneering projects, processes and products to facilitate employee pride.
  • Connecting and quickly acclimating new college graduates and new professional hires, and exposing them to unique learning opportunities to improve long-term retention.
  • Increasing awareness, training and tools to reduce workplace illnesses and injuries.
  • Openly addressing cultural sensitivities and establishing initiatives to strengthen cross-collaboration and understanding.


TI strives to maintain a safe, productive and inclusive work environment. In 2013, we:

  • Continued to provide health screenings and access to health and wellness resources to U.S. employees. Two-thirds of employees who participated in our 2012 health screening and had three or more personal health risks reduced those risks to two or less in 2013.
  • Ranked as one of the safest companies in the industry compared to other members of the Semiconductor Industry Association.
  • Welcomed Ronald Kirk, U.S. trade representative under President Barack Obama, to TI's board of directors. He is the second African-American to join the board.
  • Were recognized as a "Corporate Champion" by the Women's Forum of New York for having women represent 40 percent or more of our board membership.
  • Provided work-life benefits to help employees balance the demands of work and home. Some of these programs include flexible work schedules and work options; paid parental leave; free concierge services to help employees with errands, gift buying and trip planning; parenting programs; elder care and child care resources and referrals; and professional service programs.
  • Educated and aligned employees on TI's values, ethics and associated expectations. This year, we continued TI's strong human rights practices as we align with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition's Code of Conduct, which requires members to uphold the human rights of employees and contractors. The code has guidelines on child labor, forced labor, working hours, wages and benefits, humane treatment, nondiscrimination, and freedom of association.
  • Continued to offer competitive pay and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and a suite of programs to help employees integrate their careers and personal lives.


TI was recognized internationally for its commitment to maintaining a strong work environment in 2013 with the following awards:

  • Ethisphere Institute, "World's Most Ethical Companies."
  • Business Insider, "50 Best Employers in America."
  • Hispanic Network Magazine, "Best of the Best" list for top diversity employers.
  • Minority Engineer magazine, "Top 50 Employers."
  • National Association for Female Executives, "Top Companies for Executive Women."
  • Universum, "Top 100 Most Attractive Employers in the U.S."
  • Working Mother Magazine, "100 Best Companies."


Our leaders take seriously their responsibilities as stewards of the company culture, workplace and brand. They serve as role models for employees and in the communities where we operate.

Our senior vice president of worldwide human resources and her team work with company leaders to ensure that we have employees performing at their best and committed to achieving company goals. Leaders are the conduit for communicating expectations, demonstrating and demanding high standards of ethics and integrity, coaching and developing their employees, and recognizing and rewarding great performance.

Policies and principles

The company sets the pace for a safe and respectful working environment through our established values, standards and expectations, Code of Business Conduct, business practices statement, and other guidance.

TI is an equal opportunity employer and supports a diverse, inclusive work environment. We prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, disability, genetic information, national origin, gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by U.S., state or local laws. Worldwide, we comply with local laws and do not discriminate.

Training and awareness

At all stages of their career, employees receive extensive development opportunities through introductory orientations, our internal myDevelopment Web portal, global rotation programs, tuition reimbursement and other mechanisms. Additionally, TI annually delivers ethics, compliance, health and safety, code of conduct, and other employee training programs.

Performance monitoring

TI gauges workplace satisfaction and engagement through routine surveys, personnel meetings, compliance monitoring, reported health and safety issues, course evaluations, program participation, and performance trend data.

Site management and human resources personnel monitor and enforce appropriate behavior. Noncompliance with our standards and related labor laws is not tolerated and will result in corrective action, including termination.

We focus on maintaining a safe, healthy and inclusive work environment.