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Employee well-being

Pay and benefits

Results | Looking ahead

TI continued providing competitive compensation, as well as comprehensive health and wellness programs in 2013.

In the U.S., we complied with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Outside the U.S., TI continued to offer benefits in accordance with what is required by local law or competitive with local market conditions. Some of our global benefits include profit sharing, paid vacation and holidays, health and life insurance, pensions, an employee stock purchase program, subsidized transportation and subsidized child care, education assistance, and gym discounts.


  • Increased salaries in 2013 and paid approximately 5 percent of base earnings in profit sharing (based on 2012 performance) to all employees globally, with some variation in France and Mexico, which have locally regulated profit-sharing plans.
  • Enabled U.S. employees to take part in a retirement program; approximately 94 percent participated.
  • Contributed $62.4 million to U.S. employees’ 401(k) savings plans.

Looking ahead

In 2014, we will continue to provide a competitive compensation package as well as comprehensive health benefits. In addition, we will continue to comply with all new requirements of the Affordable Care Act, which will further increase the overall cost of health care for TI and U.S. employees.

We will increase contributions to employees’ health savings accounts, providing dollars each year for employees in our high-deductible health plan to spend on medical expenses tax-free.