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Work-life balance

Results | Looking ahead

In 2013, TI continued to offer programs and resources to U.S. employees that would help them more effectively balance their personal and professional lives. During the year, we:

  • Continued to provide the MyConcierge service for employees. Through this service, employees receive assistance with planning vacations, booking travel, locating and scheduling contractors for work needed at home, and much more.
  • Began distributing informational kits for new mothers. The kits contain CDs, booklets and flyers promoting our mothers’ rooms, and information about parenting chat rooms on the TI intranet, workshops and discussion groups.
  • Continued an opt-in email system targeted to new mothers, parents of various-age children and employees taking care of elderly parents, among others. These email groups engage and unite employees facing similar personal challenges and enable individuals to share, ask for help, or inquire about resources.
  • Created a chat room on the TI intranet that encourages collaboration, the sharing of resources and downloadable parent-education courses.
  • Improved resources for remote employees, providing more robust information online about using mobile and IP phones, accessing email, attending meetings virtually, and how to use collaboration tools and connect to TI.

TI continued to be recognized for our work-life investments:


In 2013, our U.S. work-life programs generated the following results:

  • Our concierges addressed more than 8,600 requests; 18 percent of U.S. employees used the service. MyConcierge estimates that these services saved employees more than 25,000 hours during the year.
  • We provided resources and tools for more than 18,000 employees globally (58 percent of our workforce), enabling them to connect remotely and telecommute.
  • We provided adoption benefits to eight employees, including reimbursement of up to $4,000 and two weeks of paid leave. Another 84 employees used paid maternity leave under our disability benefit plan and 265 used paid paternity leave.
  • Our company-sponsored summer, winter and spring break camps attracted more than 600 children from our employee, contractor and local communities.
  • Child care facilities at our on-site fitness centers logged approximately 1,000 visits.
  • We awarded $4,000 college scholarships to 19 children of active, retired or deceased employees through the Jerry R. Junkins Memorial National Merit Scholarships program.

Looking ahead

In 2014, we will:

  • Continue increasing employees’ awareness of work-life initiatives and flexible work options, and encourage their use of these benefits and tools.
  • Survey U.S. employees about our 2013 benefits and work-life offerings. In 2012, 63 percent of respondents felt they were able to effectively balance work and their personal lives.