Sustainability: Supply chain accountability: Expectations of suppliers

We expect the external contractors who manufacture our products to comply with applicable global laws and regulations, and to adhere to our standards and expectations.

TI’s chief financial officer oversees worldwide procurement. In addition, our stringent policies and procedures dictate who has the authority to make purchasing commitments on the company's behalf. We engage and train suppliers to help them understand and adhere to our standards, policies and expectations, which primarily include these listed below:

We expect excellence from our suppliers and we require that they achieve and maintain benchmark levels of performance. This includes ensuring that they treat workers with respect and dignity, provide safe working conditions, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. We also expect suppliers to operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which they do business.

TI is committed to permeating responsible and fair business practices throughout the supply chain, and we expect suppliers to share that commitment. We show preference to suppliers that demonstrate effective environmental and social practices on our evaluation scorecard, used to assess supplier performance on Cost, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Technology, Responsiveness, Assurance of supply and Quality (CETRAQ).

Our suppliers demonstrate their commitment to us by complying with the TI supplier code of conduct, establishing and implementing social responsibility programs, adhering to the requirements noted in TI’s supplier environmental and social responsibility policy.