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Through our philanthropic programs, TI and the TI Foundation help improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, advance the quality of life and address critical needs in our major site communities.

We invest our philanthropic and volunteer resources on priority issues within our major site communities. Focus areas and specific guidelines within each are as follows:

K-12 Education

Our commitment to excellence in education has been a cornerstone of our community involvement for decades. TI and the TI Foundation contribute millions of dollars in grants and other gifts each year to schools, colleges and educational programs that are designed to produce measurable, sustainable and replicable gains in student achievement.

Our top priority for kindergarten through 12th grades (K-12) is the positive transformation of the public education system within the communities where we live and work. In the U.S., our focus is STEM education. We especially work to increase these skills in under-resourced communities and among under-represented minority students and girls. Globally, we support efforts that increase access to education as well as enhance STEM education. We believe that race, gender, income, geography and native language should not predict student achievement.

We will consider programs that:

  • Enhance teacher effectiveness in STEM through professional development and programs that increase the number of qualified math and science teachers.
  • Improve student engagement and achievement in STEM curriculum, especially by underrepresented populations, by providing innovative methods, programs and resources to teachers and classrooms.
  • Provide access to educational resources in TI’s international site communities.

Critical community needs

At TI, our goal to improve the quality of life and address the most critical needs in our site communities. These can differ depending on the site location. In the U.S., the TI Foundation and our employees support their local United Way affiliates as they invest in improving the greatest needs for their community. We consider other programs that:

  • Address basic needs, including hunger, homelessness and programs for at-risk youth.
  • Enhance the quality of life in the community (i.e., environmental and health needs in some international communities).
  • Enrich civic and business climates, resulting in a positive community and economic impact (primarily in Dallas).

Arts and culture

As a multinational corporation, TI is committed to embracing the arts, culture and heritage of its global workforce.

TI and the TI Foundation invest several million dollars each year to support arts and cultural groups and programs and support cornerstone arts and cultural institutions that enrich our North Texas headquarters community, making it an attractive place to live and work and enhancing the region’s appeal to other businesses.