Sustainability: Employee well-being:

Energetic and productive employees help our company contain health care costs, so we promote healthy lifestyles for our employees both at work and at home.

Our health and wellness strategy encompasses:

  • Building awareness about their own health status and educating employees about healthy behavior.
  • Engaging employees through assessment, prevention and improvement programs and tools.

Our health and wellness programs are designed to promote a healthier workforce. We know that family members influence each other's behavior, so we also invite employees' spouses, partners and children to participate in many of our programs.

Globally, our health benefits continue to include health and life insurance or supplemental insurance programs, as well as other programs locally, which vary by country depending on the services provided by local governments. The programs described in this section are specific to U.S. employees only, including occupational health, health and wellness, fitness and nutrition as well as counseling and education.

Occupational health

Our occupational health team looks at employees holistically: their mental and physical well-being as members of the workplace and the community. Our company has a comprehensive occupational health system that takes into account the most current industry practices while complying with applicable laws, including the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act.

We manage occupational health by first identifying potential workplace hazards and assessing their potential severity. We also develop monitoring plans and collect additional data to increase our understanding of potential health issues. Regional differences affect our employees' care, so we can assess and manage their health needs depending on the distinguishing circumstances of each area.

To reduce exposure to occupational health risks, TI:

  • Eliminates potentially harmful materials or uses less-hazardous substitutes.
  • Designs engineering controls, such as ventilation or isolation, to eliminate or reduce exposure to acceptable levels.
  • Develops procedures for employees to follow that reduce risks.
  • Distributes personal protective equipment, such as respirators or earplugs, to protect employees from potential hazards.
  • Hires on-site registered nurses who are experienced in case management, occupational health management and healthy lifestyles. They provide resources and education to help employees achieve optimal well-being and performance.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team of registered nurses who provide integrated disability case management associated with short- and long-term disability, workers' compensation, leave under the U.S. Family & Medical Leave Act, and any work- or non-work-related health concerns. They partner with the company and with employees in occupational health management, disability management and personal wellness.

Health and wellness

We encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle through a variety of tools, including proactive health activities, wellness information access, preventive screenings, health advocacy, immunizations and pandemic preparedness. These measures help to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and boost morale.

Proactive health activities

We provide employees with resources to take control of their health, including on-site immunization and screening programs, on-site fitness and nutrition programs, and counseling and education services. We also cover annual physicals and age-appropriate preventive screenings at no cost to employees and their families.

Preventive screenings

We offer preventive health screenings to employees and their families at no charge. These screenings include cancer screenings, blood-pressure checks, and a variety of other annual and periodic screenings.

We also make wellness screenings more convenient by bringing them on-site at many locations. These screenings measure blood pressure, weight, glucose levels, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels and immediate feedback is available for employees through onsite health coaching. Employees become aware of their numbers and leave the event with an understanding of lifestyle changes for improved health.

Health advocacy

We offer a benefit advocacy service to help estimate the costs of medical procedures under consideration and locate affordable and quality health providers.


Our immunization and preventive screening schedules are based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Practice Physicians and the U.S. Task Force for Preventive Services. All of our health plans cover recommended immunizations at 100 percent for employees and their families.

Pandemic preparedness

TI is prepared for the possibility of pandemic disease. The toll on employees, communities and our business could be significant. As part of our pandemic preparedness plan, we have engaged physicians and nurses to prepare for a disease outbreak.

In the event of a pandemic outbreak, our plan may include communicating with employees regarding alternate work options, or medical or family leave if they cannot come to work because they or a family member are ill.

Fitness and nutrition

Weight management and an active lifestyle are key to preventing obesity, which is linked to numerous chronic diseases. We offer programs, including walking, weight management, fitness spaces, nutrition counseling and healthy cafeteria options to help employees make sound nutrition choices, exercise and manage their weight.

Fitness spaces

TI has on-site fitness facilities at some sites to encourage physical activity. Our fitness facilities offer activities such as:

  • Personal training sessions.
  • Group exercise classes.
  • Athletic leagues and tournaments.
  • Family swimming, lap swimming and swim lessons.
  • Group water exercise classes.
  • Unstaffed fitness rooms.
  • Kids' camps during school holidays, focused on increased physical activity, building good eating habits and healthy lifestyle education.


Employees, retirees and dependents have access to a network of registered dietitians, who are experts in preventive nutrition and medical nutrition therapy. These dietitians provide individualized nutrition counseling to help participants reduce health-risk factors, prevent disease progression and improve quality of life.


Onsite cafeterias are available at many of our sites globally. In the U.S., some of our cafeterias conduct and provide nutritional analysis of healthy items and serve hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats.

Counseling and education

Through a third-party services provider, U.S. employees have access to resources on childcare and parenting, adult care and aging, travel, pets, education, adoption, daily needs, special needs, safety, pregnancy, mothers at work and on the job. The wide-range of support and service help with life's everyday challenges through all stages of one's life.

Employee assistance program

To help employees manage personal or professional issues, our employee assistance program offers eight free counseling sessions per issue per year.

Tobacco cessation

We encourage a smoke-free environment and have designated smoking areas to prevent exposure to others. Employees who use tobacco products pay more for their medical benefits. Employees and covered spouses can participate in a tobacco cessation program to help them become smoke-free. 

Managing health risks

Our individual health management service helps high-risk employees manage their health. It is offered to employees who have experienced a significant medical event; have extended work absences; or who are dealing with multiple diagnoses, treatments and providers.