Education: Higher education

TI has been passionate about creating innovative technology solutions for more than 80 years. The TI University Program was established in 1982 and is a global program operating in 35 countries, multiple languages, and impacting over hundreds of thousands of students every year. The program offers educators discounted tools, lab donations, and teaching materials so students can learn TI technology in the classroom and in teaching labs. From teaching materials to design projects, our advanced analog and embedded processing technologies fuel the passions of students and educators in university labs worldwide.

TI design contests

Integrating project based learning into curriculums garners the highest student engagement and post-graduation benefit. Professors encourage students to integrate TI technology into their course projects and enter their designs into the TI Innovation Challenge design contest. To help put their learning into practice, thousands of students participate annually. TI also invests in about 300 research projects that engage students and faculty. While TI offers cash and prize incentives to contest winners, it is the industry recognition that drives the strongest contest involvement worldwide. Students are exposed to potential employers while also being carefully evaluated for a possible career at TI.