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Life cycle assessments

TI has been working to provide life cycle assessment (LCA) data of its technologies to help customers conduct their own LCAs. Like other semiconductor companies, we manufacture thousands of component products, which makes it infeasible to conduct LCAs on each. Moreover, much of this information is proprietary.

However, we work continuously to enable more energy-efficient semiconductor chips while operating responsibly and reducing environmental impact. For example, we responsibly source 100 percent of metals* for integrated circuit chips from certified conflict-free sources. Our critical production suppliers participate in an assessment of their environmental and social programs as well.

Each year, we average the amount of water, energy and other materials needed to produce a representative semiconductor device and share that information with our customers. You can find the per-chip data in our annual Citizenship Performance Report.

Since 2005, we have realized per-chip reductions in energy and water use as well as in greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue working with our industry counterparts to determine a standardized and consistent approach to specifically calculate such information.

*Tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold

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