Education: Our technology

Since the first electronic handheld calculator was invented by Jack S. Kilby, Jerry D. Merryman and James Van Tassel at Texas Instruments in 1967, TI technology has been helping students succeed.

Over the years, TI has worked with educators to develop more sophisticated calculators and education technology.  We also provide professional development.  Teachers use our technology to help students visualize math concepts and see the relationships between different math forms – symbols, tables, graphs, and formulas and improving their conceptual understanding of math.

Also, TI DLP® chips go into projectors that deliver interactivity and multi-dimensional curriculum to the classroom with unparalleled image quality.

Education Technology

Our approach to developing education technology and professional development programs for math and science has allowed TI to become one of the most widely recognized and adopted educational equipment brands used by teachers and students.

We listen to educators and involve them in every aspect of product development, working with them to help connect students’ learning experiences to the real world and open career paths rooted in math and science. Our research-based graphing technology integrates multimedia content into math and science curricula, improving student performance and empowering educators to maximize the impact of their lessons. For example, we provide:

  • Our Math Nspired and Science Nspired Resource Centers for educators that feature rigorous lessons and tools to increase student comprehension of key math and science concepts through the power of TI-Nspire™ technology.
  • The Activities Exchange, which contains thousands of free math and science activities created by students, teachers, TI and global partners.
  • Online and face-to-face professional development programs with the T3 – Teachers Teaching with Technology™ organization that reach more than 5,000 math and science educators each year and equip them with tools and resources to engage students and bring math and science to life in the classroom.
  • Free weekly STEM education webinars for educators.
  • The annual T3 International Conference which furthers STEM curricula and helps educators and administrators from around the world learn new ways to improve math and science teaching and learning through the appropriate use of technology.
  • Summer Workshops to further educators’ understanding and practice of using technology in the classroom to increase students’ math and science content knowledge.
  • Programs that provide math and science classroom coaching as well as blended online and face-to-face professional development.
  • Access to STEM education technology through TI's Technology Rewards Program (in which educations can earn points toward TI products and services through technology purchases) and Workshop Loan programs (in which educators can borrow TI education technology at no cost for use in workshops or conferences focused on training teachers to integrate technology into the classroom).