Primary/secondary education initiatives

TI works to build a pipeline of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-capable students by encouraging their success in these subjects and their pursuit of technology-related degrees and careers. We support numerous programs in the U.S. that provide the maximum impact and have a track record of shifting student attitudes and achievements in STEM disciplines. We collaborate with established organizations that can affect greater progress.

We support programs that promote student achievement in other areas of study as well as STEM and expand education opportunities to underrepresented women and minorities.

We recognize that to increase the number of math- and science-capable students equipped to enter into and graduate from STEM-based disciplines, we must invest in the development and certification of teachers. We support programs that assist educators and help them teach at their maximum potential.

TI also works to improve access to education in countries in the United States, Asia, and Europe, deploying technology and tools in classrooms and addressing basic human needs to prepare children for school.

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