Our approach:
Stakeholder engagement

TI is more than technology.

We recognize that our impact is built not only on quality products and innovation, but also by the relationships we create, nurture and grow year after year. Building understanding, trust and respect takes time, honesty and transparency.

We use a variety of traditional tools to engage with our stakeholders and make it easy to share feedback. Our stakeholders include:

Global engagement

TI’s Citizenship website, along with TI’s annual corporate citizenship report and our annual report, are the most comprehensive sources of information about our social, environmental and financial performance. In addition, our website provides product, company, citizenship and investor information. We also engage stakeholders through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 21IC (China), Dianyuan (China) and our own engineer-to-engineer (E2E) Community. Individual employees and business units also directly engage with stakeholders throughout the year to receive feedback and address inquiries.

In all of our communications, we strive to adhere to the following engagement principles:

  • Connect with all stakeholders who are interested in company activities.
  • Promote trust and integrity.
  • Listen, understand and respect experiences different from our own.
  • Incorporate diverse values and interests into engagement initiatives.
  • Broaden our scope of engagement where practicable.


Employees are TI's greatest asset and its most effective ambassadors. Regular dialogue with our workforce is the primary way we gather information about pressing issues and needs, both within the company and in the communities where we operate. We offer community ambassador training to help equip employees with the skills they need to serve as community leaders. Through tremendous community involvement, these ambassadors help us connect with many community stakeholders and gauge external concerns.

We survey employees to better understand their interest in and perception of TI's performance and community-engagement initiatives, such as giving programs and volunteerism. Respondents said corporate citizenship is very important to their communities, as well as building employee pride in the company. Employees also said their top volunteer passion is in the area of education.


We are committed to maintaining open lines of communication with shareholders. We keep investors informed on our strategy, business operations, financial performance and governance practices. We also share our assessments about major economic or industry trends and other events affecting the company. Additionally, our executives regularly engage with investors on our strategic direction as well as our executive compensation and governance practices.  This engagement benefits investors by helping them stay fully informed, and it benefits management as we gain a better understanding of shareholder concerns.

All investors have access to a breadth of information through our Investor Relations Web portal, which contains:

  • Live and archived webcasts and MP3 downloads and transcripts of our investor conference calls and our annual stockholders meeting.
  • Live and archived webcasts of executive presentations made at investor conferences.
  • Annual reports, quarterly earnings releases, mid-quarter update releases, proxy statements and other U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
  • Current and historical financial statements.
  • Historical information on stock prices, dividends, stock splits and stock repurchases.
  • Company fact sheet and biographical information on executive officers and board members.
  • Selected news releases.
  • Live and archived webcasts of senior managers discussing our strategy, businesses and finances.
  • Corporate governance guidelines and related governance documents, including board committee charters and memberships.

The website also includes an investor services section that provides shareholders information about our transfer agent, stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan, and general stock-related inquiries.

We regularly communicate with investors through conference calls, financial analyst and investor meetings, third-party investor conferences, our website, and personal visits.


To drive ongoing improvement of our products and services and to provide high quality customer support, we maintain ongoing communications with customers. We regularly consult with them to identify production needs and standards, understand long-term innovation requirements, and maintain satisfaction with both our technology and customer service. Using this feedback, we can refine our programs to better meet their needs.

Expert advisory panel

TI created and continues to maintain the first online customer expert advisory panel in the semiconductor industry, which is designed to help the company deliver products targeted to meet customers' needs. We gather customers' insights on our products and design tools, quality of technical support and level of innovation, and on product enhancements we should make in the future. This type of engagement uses online surveys, offered in 14 languages, to reach customers across all product groups and all regions.

We target customers depending on what we hope to learn through their profiles and preferences, and we typically see response rates above 40 percent among the nearly 5,000 panel members. We share our findings with panelists to keep them apprised of topics of mutual interest.

Additional customer market research

TI conducts a regular omnibus study of electrical engineers called Voice of the Engineer. Offered in 11 languages, the survey solicits a global perspective about how we are performing among our competition across a variety of company, product, sales and support attributes. This helps us understand the changing needs of the marketplace. We also conduct customized research projects to provide additional insights into the unmet needs of customers and give direct customer feedback to internal stakeholders.

Technical conferences

To connect with customers currently using or planning to use our products, we conduct in-person and online training globally. Customers can hear in-depth insights from our experts, receive hands-on training, and receive samples and tools to help solve their technical design challenges and accelerate their time to market.

E2E Community

One of the more unique ways we engage and support customers is through the E2E Community. This online community leverages social media to connect design engineers with TI product/customer support.

Quality assessments and assurance

To keep our pulse on the manufacturing side of our customer base, our Quality organization maintains customer scorecards that incorporate a variety of feedback, from ease of product use, to manufacturing defects, to responsiveness in meeting their needs. We use this feedback to continuously improve our products and services and better meet customer expectations.

We work hard to assure product quality and maintain clear and open communications with appropriate stakeholders. We provide customers with standard terms and conditions of sale, containing product warranty information. More detailed information about warranty returns, including the returned material authorization process, is available from TI or its authorized distributors.

Our semiconductor products are predominantly sold to component distributors, subsystem manufacturers or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which incorporate our products into subsystems or end products. OEMs are responsible for assuring that their end products are safe and functioning properly.

If we become aware of serious quality problems with a TI component, our Quality organization analyzes the matter and develops an action plan, including a communications plan suitable for the particular circumstances.

Where appropriate, we urge customers (and, when traceable records are available, OEMs who received our components through intermediaries) to assess risks that might arise in OEM products due to questionable components. We also invite them to return components for testing, refund and/or replacement.


We require suppliers to uphold high levels of commitment, integrity, quality and service. Maintaining the level of service we need requires that we regularly communicate our expectations and performance requirements , share updates on production requirements and trends, and gather feedback. We achieve this using a variety of mechanisms, including meetings, TI Supplier Days, our online supplier portal and other forums.

Additionally, we make information about training, certification and product development requirements easily accessible through our Design Support website. Our supplier portal also contains our expectations and guidance for easily doing business with us. There, suppliers can see our order demand and access purchase orders and proposed delivery dates.

To engage minority and women suppliers in the U.S., we participate in trade shows and industry events sponsored by various trade associations.

Advocacy and trade organizations

Whenever we engage in public policy advocacy, whether in the U.S. or abroad, we seek to work constructively to articulate the company’s perspective. As appropriate, we work directly with policymakers, their staff, business associations, coalitions and others to make our views known and to influence policy that will facilitate growth and innovation.

To keep our employees apprised of policy issues and progress and their impact on TI, we periodically publish and upload articles to Infolink, our internal news portal, where we have a dedicated area for government relations. Stakeholders can find more information on TI’s public policy initiatives here.

As members of various trade organizations, we collaborate with customers, peers and other stakeholders to promote growth and competitiveness. We also engage with industry analysts and nongovernmental organizations about our operational and citizenship performance.

Additionally, we engage with industry groups such as the Semiconductor Industry Association and World Semiconductor Council. We meet with other technology companies to discuss business challenges and emerging regulations, forecast industry trends, and share best practices.


Our Citizenship Executive Committee, Citizenship Stakeholders team, Community Involvement teams, employee diversity initiative members and executive leaders, as well as the board of directors' Governance and Stockholder Relations Committee, periodically review our employee and corporate support of community programs.

Additionally, we established giving guidelines for investments in local organizations. Many of our employees (including company leaders) invest their own resources and volunteer their time.

Our community engagement activities are extensive in the state of Texas, where the largest concentrations of our operations are located. In our other locations around the world, our community outreach programs are specifically designed to address the unique needs of each location.


We routinely meet with nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations, and civic and government officials to gain a greater understanding of our communities' needs. This helps us determine how our employees can make the most difference and how to align our philanthropic efforts where support is needed most.

We also stay connected with community leaders and local government officials through our Citizenship news blog, which provides local communities a way to connect with our company and acts as a vehicle for sharing neighborhood success stories.


Our employees and retirees around the world regularly volunteer their time and professional expertise to serve community organizations and support local programs to enhance neighborhoods. We share common concerns with our adjacent communities globally, including quality of life and the safety of our operations.

Through our regular presence in community activities, philanthropic support, and personal and electronic feedback mechanisms, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our neighbors.


We consult with educators and civic leaders to develop and implement programs that promote education and health and human services. We often work at the grassroots level, partnering with local leaders and service agencies to identify gaps and create solutions to ensure that community members receive the education and care they need.

We collaborate with many stakeholders and community organizations to help improve the quality of education near our sites around the world. We reach out to educators and community members through the Think Innovate company blog and our social media sites, as well as through our education-related businesses.

We continually engage with educators at the K-12 and university levels as part of our strategy to increase student participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curricula, as well as STEM teaching expertise and technological research. Read more about TI’s commitment to education here.


In addition to engaging with managers and employees at community functions, members of the public can send feedback through our website, e-mail address and social media channels, or contact our sustainability stakeholder relations director.

Accounting- and audit-related issues are addressed through our accounting and audit hotline. All inquiries received on the hotline are reported to the Audit Committee of the board of directors.