Our approach:
Stakeholder engagement

TI regularly engages its internal and external stakeholders and implements a formal stakeholder assessment as part of its reporting process. We engage with stakeholders who directly influence or have an interest in our operations. Our stakeholders include employees, customers, shareholders, communities where we have operations, academia, public officials, trade associations, regulatory agencies, investors, nongovernmental organizations, analysts, suppliers, contractors, retirees and potential employees.

We conduct citizenship stakeholder assessments every other year to identify and better understand environmental, social and governance topics that are most important to these groups.

The assessment is a four-part process:

  1. Identification: establishment of a universe of important issues based on applicability to TI, the results of peer benchmarking, and knowledge of industry and sustainability trends.
  2. Prioritization: conduct surveys of stakeholders, customers and employees to discuss or rank the 43 issues from greatest to least in the context of what they care about and what we should report. We use the results to determine issues of top importance.
  3. Validation: review, discussion and verification of the results, a process led by TI’s Citizenship Executive Committee.
  4. Review: alignment of our activities and resources, where applicable, to provide greater transparency on issues that matter most.

We actively engage in the top areas that our stakeholders identify as important and we monitor and respond to developments on an ongoing basis.

Top citizenship issues matrix*

* This table lists the top areas or topics identified in our biannual stakeholder assessment.

Top issues by stakeholder group

Top 10 issues in order of importance to TI and its stakeholders. Although some groups do not select specific issues, this does not mean that the issue is not important; it simply wasn’t of top importance among the universe of topics.
** Closely related and ranked, and subsequently grouped, issues.
Bolded items indicate their debut on the top issues list in 2015.


In addition to engaging with managers and employees at community functions, members of the public can send feedback through our website, e-mail address and social media channels.

Accounting- and audit-related issues are addressed through our accounting and audit hotline. All inquiries received on the hotline are reported to the Audit Committee of TI’s board of directors.