Supply chain accountability

Approximately 11,000 suppliers help create products and services that enhance TI’s competitiveness. About 300 suppliers make up the top 80 percent of our spending with suppliers, with approximately 150 of those being major suppliers supporting our manufacturing processes. In some cases, we outsource the manufacturing of wafers or the assembly and testing of products.

We recognize that innovative thinking, collaboration and transparency create long-term sustainable value. That is why we proactively work with our suppliers to:

  • Reduce environmental and social impacts and mitigate other sustainability risks.
  • Cut costs and improve operational efficiency.
  • Develop innovative approaches to product development.

We conscientiously evolve our own procurement management practices, standards, policies and systems to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and to hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable for responsible conduct and performance.

Critical elements of our supply chain accountability efforts are transparency, responsible sourcing, conflict minerals, expectations and management of suppliers,  and minority/women business development.


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