Sustainability: Supply chain accountability: Transparency

TI believes that public reporting on sustainability increases transparency, and leads to improved sustainability and social responsibility practices.

We encourage our suppliers to publish reports disclosing their own sustainability and social responsibility efforts using an internationally recognized reporting framework, such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

GRI guidelines include quantitative metrics on workplace safety and human and worker rights, as well as environmental compliance. Over time, we will encourage all of our strategic suppliers to publish independently verifiable sustainability reports.

Additionally, TI strives to provide the kind of information and transparency we expect from our suppliers. For example:

  • Our external Eco-Info and Lead (Pb)-Free website and product content database allow customers to view information on the materials contained within our products.
  • We engage suppliers continuously to discuss their contracts and delivery strategies, solicit their feedback and address management issues.
  • We provide details of our supply chain management and monitoring programs, and disclose our annual performance in our Citizenship Performance Report.
  • We share findings of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)/Global E-Sustainability Initiative's Conflict Minerals Reporting Template with customers as required. This template facilitates the disclosure of information regarding smelters that provide material to a company's supply chain.
  • We regularly meet with customers and suppliers to respond to questions about our environmental and social responsibility activities.