In China, India and other countries within Asia where TI operates, we invest in programs that are designed to increase student access to a quality education. We also invest in education programs that help students prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Our approach to education in Asia is the same as it is worldwide – engaging our employees in volunteerism and getting involved by mentoring and inspiring students. We focus on giving and volunteerism to improve education and critical needs in the communities where we operate.

Education initiatives


Since 1986, when we opened our first office in China, we have supported programs that focus on both teacher and student effectiveness in both rural and metropolitan areas. This includes:

  • The “Spark Program,” in collaboration with the China Ministry of Education, to provide teacher training and multimedia classrooms with TI technology. Schools in Yunnan, Sichuan and Henan provinces benefit from this program.
  • Project Hope Schools, in conjunction with the China Youth Development Foundation, to provide better education for students in provinces and counties affected by poverty. Schools in Nanbu and Danlin in Sichuan Province benefit from this program on behalf of TI. In 2016, TI leaders signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China's Ministry of Education to donate 100 multimedia classrooms to schools in poverty-stricken areas of central and western China.

Many TIers throughout China volunteer to support education. This includes raising educational funds through various employee activities, and hosting students from Hope Schools to engage in STEM activities at our facilities in China.



TI has had a presence in India since the mid-1980s, and our employees there continue to sow the seeds of STEM education through employee-led initiatives and community involvement teams.

The Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz began in 2003 in Bangalore, and is an extension of our commitment to identify and promote scientific talent in India. This event provides a unique platform for high school students to test their skills of inquiry and quick thinking.

Since then, our employee volunteerism in India continues to focus heavily on education initiatives, including a school adoption program and back-to-school efforts that reach thousands of students at more than 125 schools; scholarships; and work with the Agastya Foundation to encourage a student love of STEM subjects.

We provide a mobile science lab to reach thousands of students who do not have access to science learning resources. We also provide school supplies to various government schools and have adopted six such schools where employees tutor students and help build needed infrastructure for a more pleasing learning environment.