While our largest and oldest location in Europe is situated in Freising, Germany, in the heart of Bavaria, our educational reach extends much further.

We are a member of the STEM alliance in Europe, which brings together industries, ministries of education and education stakeholders to promote STEM education and careers to young Europeans and to address anticipated future skills gaps within the European Union.

Education initiatives

We are also engaged with the European STEM Professional Development Net Project, a three- year research program funded by the European Union. Our focus is on research that studies and measures the impact of STEM educator professional development activity.

TI sponsors the Freising-macht-MINT organization, a group based in Freising that works to get local school children more interested in Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften and Technik (MINT), the German equivalent of STEM.

Our Education Technology business works with educators across Europe and provides face-to-face and online educator resources to help them learn, share and explore STEM strategies for student success. This includes the T3 - Teachers Teaching with Technology -- program that has reached hundreds of thousands of teachers in Europe since 1996.