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Electrical engineers work on solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges, from inventing life-saving medical technologies to making the world around us more energy efficient. They work on some fun stuff, too, like virtual reality headsets and multi-player wireless gaming systems. If you were an electrical engineer, what would you create? And how would it change the world?

The possibilities are endless.

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Do you like to solve problems? Are you curious about how things work? Do you often find yourself thinking, “What if?” If so, we have a question for you: Have you ever considered becoming an electrical engineer? And if you have, have you ever wondered what electrical engineers do anyway? Simply put, they are inventors who study electricity and figure out ways to harness it to make life better, easier and even more fun.

What about you? What will tomorrow’s world look like if you decide to become an electrical engineer?

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Jack Kilby

Jack Kilby, who loved taking apart radios when he was a boy growing up in Kansas, invented the integrated circuit in the late 1950s. Jack’s chip became the catalyst for today’s electronic products, from the microwaves that heat up pizza to systems that power space exploration. Did you know that Jack’s discovery came about when he was alone in the office while his co-workers were all on vacation? When asked about his invention, he confessed that, as a new employee at TI with no vacation time, he had been given a problem to solve alone, when most of his colleagues were out of the office. But if he hadn’t had that focused time without distractions, who knows what would have happened?

Many innovators have encountered some kind of adversity on their paths to engineering. The key is to keep going. Find out what other TI engineers are confessing about their own career paths:

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Kanika Carver Marcus Cooksey Innocent Irakoze

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