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Are you curious about how things work and often find yourself thinking, “What if?” If so, have you ever considered becoming an electrical engineer? And if you have, have you ever wondered what electrical engineers do anyway? Simply put, they are inventors who study electricity and figure out ways to harness it to make life better, easier and even more fun.

What will tomorrow’s world look like if you decide to become an electrical engineer?


of an engineer

Many innovators have encountered some kind of adversity on their paths to engineering. The key is to keep going. Find out what other TI engineers are confessing about their own career paths:

Can you love to help others and still be an engineer? Listen to Kanika's story to find out the answer. Kanika Carver
You love sports but dread math. Can you still be an engineer? Marcus says, "Yes, just get in the game!" Marcus Cooksey
Don't let hardship be an excuse to give up. Just ask Innocent, once a refugee and now a TI engineer. Innocent Irakoze

Why and how to become
an electrical engineer

Electrical engineering: just the facts

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Resources from IEEE that can help you get on the path to becoming an electrical engineer.
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Explore, understand and connect the principles of science, math, coding, engineering design and electronics with these free resources for middle grades and high school students.

STEM resources for students

What does a career in engineering really look like, and what types of jobs are available? Here are just a few resources to help you see daily life as an engineer and as a TIer.

Life as an engineer

Featuring challenges and projects that real engineers tackle on the job and after work.

Texas Instruments Think. Innovate. blog

Information and resources from IEEE that can help you get on the path to becoming an electrical engineer.

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