always innovating

Innovation is a thread that runs through everything we do. It not only extends back through the decades but also fuels the cool stuff we have in the works today, enabling future advances.

Microchip Inventor,
Nobel Laureate

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Jack Kilby’s 1958 integrated circuit revolutionized the electronics industry.
Movable Micromirrors

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TI’s DLP revolutionized digital cinema and everyday projectors.
Award-winning device increases harvested energy by up to 70%.
Boosting Energy Harvesting

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Father of DSP

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Gene Frantz provided nearly four decades of innovation at TI.
Connecting Everything

SimpleLink technology opens the door to the Internet of Things.
Spatial audio technology blasts sound from tablets and laptops.
Small Devices,
Big Audio

Wireless Revolution

Gigasample ADCs

World’s first 12-bit analog-to-digital converters to directly sample RF signals beyond 2.7 GHz.
Projectors Get Really Small

DLP Pico
Tiny chips enable projectors to go where they’ve never gone before.
Handheld battery-powered ultrasound scanners advance health care.
Pocket-Size Imagers

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First Handheld
Electronic Calculator

TI History

The product that effectively launched the electronics revolution.
Low-Energy Wireless

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TI created the world’s first Bluetooth® low-energy chip.
A new class of ultra-small infrared temperature sensors.
Making Thermometers Tiny

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Enabling HD
Video Streaming

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TI’s OMAP™ 4 was the first processor to achieve Netflix 1080 HD certification.
Achieving Ultra-Thin

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Embedded packaging enables thinner, smaller, lighter mobile devices.
Hollywood recognized four TI engineers in 2009.
DLP Cinema in the Spotlight

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Lowest-Power DSPs

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Chips enable sophisticated features in medical, biometric and voice-activated applications.
Orbiting Earth in 1958

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The first U.S. orbital satellite depended upon TI technology.
World’s first programmable differential amplifiers.
Simplifying Amplifier Design

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3-D Enhances Education

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DLP 3-D projectors promote classroom learning.
TI’s first single-chip DSP in 1982 was a landmark device.
Early Digital
Signal Processor

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Memory Technology

FRAM video
First microcontroller with FRAM

FRAM enables smarter, faster, greener products.
Built for
Heavy Lifting

Architecture enables DSPs optimized for demanding applications.
TI opened the world’s first 300-mm analog semiconductor plant in 2009.
Leading the
Analog Boom

RFAB tour
Making Motors Greener

Motor drive & control

TI’s landmark InstaSPIN-BLDC enhances control over motors large and small.
Speak & Spell

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TI technology taught children to spell (and helped E.T. phone home).
The world's most accurate, flexible and robust energy-metering chips.
Enabling a
Smarter Grid

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Making Digital Audio Possible
IEEE global history network milestone

A 1981 innovation that helped enable CD players also ushered in digital playback as we know it.
Analog Hero

The inimitable Bob Pease played a powerful role in analog design.
Combining Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, GNSS and NFC.
First 5-in-1 Wireless Connectivity

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Platform Revolutionizes Sensor System Design

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Enables rapid development with single-chip solution, accelerating time-to-market.
Next-Gen Patient Monitoring

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The first fully integrated analog front end for portable ECG and EEG.
PowerStack™ reduces board space & power dissipation, & it boosts performance.
Packaging Enables 3-D Revolution

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Sweetening the
Mobile Experience

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TI’s OMAP™ 4 served as the lead processor for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
STEM in the Palm of Your Hand

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First-ever graphing-handheld-based interactive classroom.
Supports wide range of cells in battery packs, extending run-time.
First Battery Fuel Gauge of Its Kind

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First Functional
Safety Motor Driver

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Complete chipset maximizes failure detection and mitigation in safety-critical applications.