Irene D.

Engineering change in energy efficiency

Innovation is about finding a solution to a problem that hasn’t been tackled before, according to Irene. She’s passionate about solving problems, especially ones surrounding energy efficiency and low power.

Irene and her team work on game-changing technologies that lower power consumption in chips used for LED signs. Her team’s innovations will help outdoor displays last longer on less energy while delivering a brighter, more vivid picture that costs less to maintain.

When she’s not working, Irene enjoys spending time with her daughter reading, crafting and making things out of recycled materials. She is all about helping the world go green, inside and outside of work.

Irene finds it particularly inspirational when customers can literally see or hear a technology’s improvements, and that’s why her team’s work developing FM transceiver technology has been especially rewarding. Her team helped personalize automotive audio through the transmission of information from a mobile device to a car radio. They accomplished this by determining how to get a good signal at low power with a small antenna embedded in a handheld device.

But the most important aspect of the project for her was succeeding in inspiring a group of talented engineers to tackle tough problems and satisfy the customer.

Irene enjoys working on projects that directly affect the bottom line. So it’s no surprise that if she hadn’t pursued engineering as a career, she thinks she would have gone into economics. In fact she’s considered pursuing an advanced degree in economics one of these days. She enjoys learning about the histories of various economies and analyzing them to see how history both repeats itself and changes, and she’d like to better understand the puzzle of how economic factors play off of one another.


"Whenever there are problems, there are solutions. There is room for innovation."


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