DSP analytics may soon transform our interactions with technology, fueling facial recognition systems, intelligent home monitoring, newly sophisticated forms of human-machine interaction and even helping find a child’s lost backpack.
The long-rumored Internet of things comes one step closer to reality as devices capable of perpetual or near-perpetual operation appear throughout our daily lives thanks to ultra-low-power circuitry.
Advancements in embedded processing are transforming the cloud, allowing us to share and communicate more with others anytime, anywhere -- and opening new possibilities to make our world safer, greener and more fun.

Connectivity advancements are evolving the Internet of Things to make devices and appliances work invisibly for consumers.

TI’s KeyStone systems-on-a-chip devices are poised to enable widespread installation of cloud radio-access network technology, which promises to improve wireless network quality, reduce base station costs and slash energy consumption.

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