Innovation is the foundation upon which TI is built. Today, TI’s Analog and Embedded Processing products are shaping the future of electronics. Tomorrow, the possibilities are endless.

ensuring safety & security
TI is developing an array of technology
that enhances people's safety and
increases their peace of mind.
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driving medical advances
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Medical electronics demand both
ultra-low power and high performance,
and TI excels at both.
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managing energy
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Energy-efficient technologies are
enabling the world to do more with less
and taking a load off the planet as a whole.
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enabling the cloud
TI innovations are helping cloud computing
and the Internet achieve their potential.
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always innovating

what's new

on the fringe blog

white board video series

In this series TI innovators discuss the challenges in areas such as cloud connectivity, smart buildings, medical electronics and much more.

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research & development

Kilby Labs

TI's R&D teams are embedded in every business unit across the company, where they work directly with customers and stay closely coupled to the realities of the market. TI also operates about a dozen dedicated research-and-development labs, including several that are specifically designed to spur high-risk, breakthrough ideas that can be rapidly explored in an open and collaborative environment.

invention & reinvention

TI’s origins in 1930 involved an innovative approach to oil exploration using early signal-processing technology. And ever since then the company’s history has been punctuated by important innovations – such as the integrated circuit itself – as well as decisions to remake itself – as a successful defense contractor in the 1940s and, most recently, as the world leader in analog semiconductor technology.


future innovators

Students, recent engineering graduates and educators see the future at TI

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TI is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company. Innovate with 100,000+ analog ICs and embedded processors, along with software, tools and the industry’s largest sales/support staff.

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