TI research and development



The laboratory environment is practically part of TI’s DNA: It’s where Jack Kilby developed the integrated circuit in September 1958.


TI's R&D teams are embedded in every business unit across the company, where they work directly with customers and stay closely coupled to the realities of the market. This ensures that customers benefit rapidly from our constant drive toward increased performance, lower power, enhanced features, greater interoperability and inexorable miniaturization – from manufacturing technology to packaging and test, design, software and support tools.

We also aggressively pursue interdisciplinary solutions. Analog teams regularly incorporate digital technologies into innovative new devices that directly address customers’ needs, for example. And as the mobile arena continues to see explosive growth, our DLP and wireless engineers increasingly collaborate to enable brilliant projection capabilities in smartphones tablets and elsewhere.

TI also operates about a dozen dedicated research-and-development labs that fall into two categories:

  • TI's Kilby Labs are designed to spur high-risk, breakthrough ideas that can be rapidly explored in an open and collaborative environment. Begun in 2009 with the creation of Kilby Labs, Dallas, these centers for innovation now also include locations in Europe, India and Silicon Valley.
  • TI’s Systems and Applications Labs are a set of technology-specific labs that aggressively drive new and enhanced technology as a service to TI’s business-oriented product development teams. The labs engender the sharing of information and technology throughout the company.

TI’s labs not only benefit the company as a whole but also provide individuals with the opportunity to pursue promising ideas that could have broad application, thus cultivating the next generation of engineers. Lab alumni have regularly progressed to become key innovators in product development teams, and the labs also provide a venue where customers can get a firsthand view of TI engineers wrestling with technological issues that could lead to anything from incremental advances or landmark breakthroughs.

TI’s labs are also emblematic of the high value the company puts on innovation.

"We have to create valuable ideas," TI Chairman, President and CEO Rich Templeton said recently. "I think the creation of Kilby Labs re-sparked and reiterated our commitment to encourage people to think about different ways of doing things. The labs are one more example of our commitment to identifying problems that our customers face and then bringing together really smart minds to attack those problems in a new way. There’s tremendous value in doing that."

And yet the labs don’t have a monopoly on innovation. TI has innovative people at work around the globe – in every business, in every product group, in every test group, in every manufacturing area. "And when individuals anywhere in the company have an interesting idea that they’re excited about," Rich added, "we need to make sure we always ask how we can cultivate that idea and channel that excitement."