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2013 Global Innovator Award - Texas Instruments

2012 Global Innovator Award - Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments recognized for technology innovation

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smart buildings

In this whiteboard video series, TI innovators address challenges such as, energy efficiency and brainstorm innovative ways the semiconductor industry can solve those challenges.

cloud connectivity

Vicki explores some of the technological advances that will be needed to fulfill the potential of cloud computing, enabling trillions of devices to have access to distributed computing resources.

connected health

Sourabh discusses the enabling technologies that will one day provide everyone with continuous access to medical expertise via systems that constantly monitor individuals' health data.

intelligent systems

Fernando talks about the challenges that are being overcome to produce increasingly sophisticated systems that can process vast amounts of data and then take action with little or no human intervention.

terahertz waves

Brian looks at how the latest advances in silicon technology are opening up a broad new class of applications for technology based on a previously underused portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

What is Engineering Change?

It's the spirit that drives us. It's our commitment to develop technologies that will change the lives of billions of people. It's partnering with students, recent engineering graduates and educators to imagine the world of tomorrow, today. We want those who are eager to push boundaries and refuse to accept the impossible to join us as we build a greater future than we ever could have imagined.