Texas Instruments

Strategy overview: CEO perspective

Over the past few years, TI has undergone a strategic transformation and as a result, today is a company focused on Analog and Embedded Processing. These continue to be some of the best opportunities inside of the semiconductor market, offering compelling financial characteristics, growth, diversity and stability. They also offer some of the best exposure to the growing opportunities inside of the industrial and automotive markets.

TI Chairman, President and CEO Rich Templeton has been talking with investors and shareholders about this transformation and our focus on Analog and Embedded Processing. Below are two events where he shared his perspective on the company, its strategy and goals.

  • At the May 2012 investor meeting, Templeton described our transformation into an Analog and Embedded Processing company. In addition, Templeton fielded questions from the investor audience along Kevin March, TI's chief financial officer.

  • At the 2013 annual meeting of stockholders, Templeton discussed how TI had become an Analog and Embedded Processing company and the benefits that have resulted from that transformation, including the company's capital management strategy. He also broadly described areas the company will be focusing on over the next five years, such as increasing the percentage of our revenue coming from Analog and Embedded Processing to 90 percent, and focusing more resources on the industrial and automotive markets. All of these actions build on the foundation the company has already put in place over the last several years.

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