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Why TI Focuses on DSP

FocusedWe're focusing on the DSP and analog technologies because we think they're the best opportunities in the semiconductor business. These technologies are poised for unprecedented growth for one simple reason: They provide processing power, the essential link between digital devices...and the real world of light, sound, heat and motion.

We have been deeply involved and leading the DSP transition dating back to the early 1980s. Being first and early allowed us to establish a unique position within the universities and third parties around the world. Today, we're the world leader in both the DSP and analog markets and are moving to grow market share.

When talking about the networks of tomorrow and the bandwidth they carry, no matter what type of network, whether it's wireless, landline or satellite. No matter what type of pipe, whether it's copper, fiber, coaxial or thin air - at every connection - at both ends of the network and at points in-between, there will be a DSP.

That's what has us so excited about both the near and long-term growth for DSP. We consider the DSP one of the greatest opportunities in the semiconductor industry since the invention of the integrated circuit. And it's an opportunity we are not going to miss.

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