What ticker symbol is Texas Instruments stock traded under?

Texas Instruments is traded under the ticker symbol TXN.

What stock exchange is TI traded on?

TI's stock exchange listing is The NASDAQ Global Select Market. TI transferred its listing to NASDAQ, effective January 1, 2012, and TI stock (TXN) began trading as a NASDAQ-listed security on January 3, 2012 – the first trading day of the year.

TI was listed on The New York Stock Exchange from October 1, 1953, through December 31, 2011.

When was TI stock first publicly traded?

TI stock was first traded on October 1, 1953, on the New York Stock Exchange.

How do I buy TI stock?

TI stock can be purchased through a stockbroker, bank, credit union or other financial institution or online service that provides brokerage services. In addition, TI stock may be purchased through a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan sponsored and administered by Computershare Trust Company, N.A. For information on this plan, Computershare CIPSM, contact our transfer agent, Computershare, directly as listed in the question below.

Is there a direct stock purchase program and/or dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) for TI stock?

Yes. Computershare CIPSM is a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan sponsored and administered through our transfer agent, Computershare. For more information, please contact Computershare at:

Stockholder correspondence:
Computershare CIP
c/o Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P. O. Box 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170

Include your name, address, account number, company name (as shown on your statement) and daytime phone number on all correspondence.

Overnight correspondence:
Computershare CIP
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
College Station, TX 77845

Toll Free: 800-981-8676 (U.S. and Canada)
Phone: 781-575-2000 (outside U.S. and Canada)


Please note that all transactions online shall be subject to the additional Investor Centre Terms and Conditions.

How do I transfer my stock, change my mailing address on my stock certificates or get other stockholder records information?

Contact our transfer agent, Computershare. For questions about transfers, address changes, or other questions regarding your stock certificates, Computershare can be reached at:

Stockholder correspondence:
P.O. Box 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170

Overnight correspondence:
Computershare CIP
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
College Station, TX 77845

Toll Free: 800-981-8676 (U.S. and Canada)
Phone: 781-575-2000 (outside U.S. and Canada)


For online inquiries:

How many shares of TI stock are outstanding?

As of 12/31/2016, there were 995,983,961 shares of outstanding TI common stock.

Does TI pay a dividend?

Yes, TI currently pays a quarterly cash dividend of $0.50 per share of common stock. See dividends for more details.

How many stock splits have there been on TI stock?

TI has had eight stock splits in its history. See stock splits for more details.

How can I get a current or historical TI stock price?

TI daily stock price is listed with 20-minute delay data under stock quote. Please note the disclaimer regarding the information listed. Historical information is available at stock price history on a split-adjusted per-share basis from 1980 to the present. If you need pre-1980 TI stock prices, contact Investor Relations at 214-479-3773.

Do you issue preferred stock?


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When does your fiscal year end?

Texas Instruments operates on a calendar-year basis, so our fiscal year ends December 31.

When is your next date for reporting quarterly financial results?

See the Webcasts section of the Investor Relations website.

How can I get a copy of your latest quarterly earnings report, annual report, Form 10-Q and Form 10-K?

To order hard copies of the material, call 214-479-3773 or 1-800-336-5236 or order them online.

View the online version of the last quarterly earnings report.

View the online version of the annual report.

View TI's SEC filings.

When is your next annual stockholder's meeting?

Thursday, April 20, 2017, in Dallas, Texas.

What accounting firm audits your books?

Ernst & Young LLP, Dallas, Texas.

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What year was TI founded?

1930. The company was founded as Geophysical Service, the first independent contractor specializing in reflection seismograph method of exploration. The name was changed to Texas Instruments Incorporated in 1951, with Geophysical Service Inc. (GSI) becoming a wholly owned subsidiary.

When and where was TI incorporated?

TI was incorporated 12/23/38 in Delaware.

Where is TI headquarters located?

Dallas, Texas.

Where can I get additional information on TI and its products?

View online information about TI.

For product literature and general information, call 972-995-6611 or 1-800-336-5236.

What recent acquisitions has TI made?

View a list of TI's major acquisitions since 1996.

Where can I find information on TI's strategy?

We suggest you begin with the Investor overview of the Investor Relations website. You should also view the summary deck that provides a comprehensive summary of our capital management strategy.   

In addition, information can be found in the most recent TI annual reports, quarterly earnings releases, and the most recent annual Form 10-K and quarterly Form 10-Q.

Finally, webcasts of earnings conference calls, TI executive presentations at investor conferences, the annual meeting of stockholders and the annual update to our capital management strategy are typically webcast live, with archived replays available on our website for a limited period of time.

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What do you look for in a board member?

We look for the most qualified candidate. Breadth of experience, the ability to make independent, analytical inquiries and diversity of viewpoints are some of the items we consider. We have diversity on the board, both in terms of gender and race, and in terms of experience and views. The board's current size is within the desired range as stated in the board's Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Why don't board members have term limits?

The board maintains a retirement age of 70 for directors and we do not waive that requirement. The board from time to time considers whether to institute term limits but so far has concluded that term limits can result in the loss of directors who have developed an in-depth understanding of the company's technically-oriented markets, customers and competition. This makes them more capable of assessing and advising with regard to strategic objectives and operations.

Why did TI decide to use a lead director model?

The lead director model formalized an approach we had in place for a long time, that of an independent, presiding director whose responsibilities and authority were very similar to those of a lead director. Previously, the presiding director rotated between the Committee chairs and could change each meeting depending on the board's agenda. Now the lead director is the same at each meeting.

Have the dynamics of the board changed since the creation of the lead director position?

No. The independent directors were actively engaged before we implemented a lead director, and they continue to be actively engaged. The board's goal is for each director to have an equal stake in the board's actions and equal accountability to the company and its stockholders.

How can someone bring accounting and financial reporting concerns to the attention of management?

We have had an Ethics Office since 1987. Through this office, any employee anywhere in the world can raise an issue on any subject and remain anonymous if they wish. The Ethics Director will involve the right people to investigate and address the issue.

In addition, we have an accounting and audit hotline that allows anyone to communicate a concern regarding an accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matter to the Audit Committee of TI's board of directors.

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