Supercharged 32-Bit Controllers

TMS320C2000™ Digital Signal Controllers provide the ultimate combination of MCU integration and ease-of-use with the performance and system cost benefits of TI’s industry-leading digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

C280xx digital signal controllers integrate a complete set of control system capabilities—pulse width modulation (PWM) generation, time stamping, sensor capture, analog-to-digital conversion, communication interfaces and program and data storage—into a single device, reducing system cost, board space and system complexity. The controllers also offer an improved suite of peripherals with new features and modes and a highly accurate, 16-channel, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

Performance, Integration, Price—Starting at $3.25 1ku
Expanded 32-bit Device Portfolio to 12 Pin Compatible Devices

C280xx Controller Features

32-Bit DSP Core
Up to 100-MIPS Performance
Single-cycle 32 x 32 MAC
Ultra-fast interrupt response

Flash: 32 KB - 256 KB
RAM: 12 KB - 36 KB
Boot ROM: 8 KB

Up to 16 independent PWM channels, allocated on a per channel basis
Time base synch
Phase & Edge control
New counting modes
Independent dead band
High-frequency chopper
Flexible trip/fault zones
Improved interrupts and start of conversion options

High-Resolution ePWM
Extends resolution capabilities of ePWM using Micro Edge Positioning technology
Used for duty cycle and phase shift control in high-frequency applications
Over 11 bits of resolution at 2-MHz frequency vs. 5.6 bits using standard ePWM

High-speed throughput (up to 80 ns/12.5 MSPS)
12-bit resolution
16-channel, multiplexed inputs
Zero wait state results
Dual sequencers
Simultaneous or single sampling modes
Later trimmed internal reference
Register trimming dynamically removes offset
Spec is guaranteed across full temperature range

starter kit

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Up to four SPI
Up to two SCIs
Up to two CAN interfaces

Up to four 32-bit capture units
One shot or continuous
Memory mapped buffers
Edge qualifiers
Event pre-scaler
Delta and Absolute time modes
32-bit PWM mode

Up to two 32-bit QEP units
Support for speed and frequency measurement
Shaft stall detect and position compare
Error checking