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New eZ430-Chronos

An intelligent reprogrammable sports watch featuring wireless connectivity, ultra-low power consumption and CC430 MCU on-chip integration.

The CC430 combines leading MSP430 MCU and low-power RF technology
Bringing personal and industrial wireless networking to the mass market
The CC430 technology platform – offering the industry's lowest power, single-chip radio-frequency (RF) family for microcontroller (MCU)-based applications. By making RF design easy, small, performance-rich and power-efficient, the CC430 platform helps advance RF networking applications including industrial/building automation, asset tracking, energy harvesting, industrial monitoring and tamper detection, personal wireless networks, alarm and security systems, sports/body monitoring and automatic metering infrastructure (AMI).

The CC430F61xx and CC430F513xx families leverage TI’s industry leading RF expertise and ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontroller to offer a powerful sub-1GHz ISM band RF protocol/applications processor. Supported by the well-known and easy to use MSP430 tool kit, as well as RF design tools such as SmartRF® Studio, the CC430 allows fast and efficient design-ins.

The MSP430 product family is an ideal protocol/applications microcontroller for various low power wireless applications. See www.ti.com/embeddedrf for more details on MSP430 use for your low power wireless application.
The CC430F51xx and F61xx families
Part Number Frequency
RAM Flash Pin/Package
CC430F6147 20 44 10-bit SAR Yes 96 4 KB 32 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6145 20 44 10-bit SAR Yes 96 2 KB 16 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6143 20 44 10-bit SAR Yes 96 2 KB 8 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6137 20 44 12-bit SAR - 96 4 KB 32 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6135 20 44  12-bit SAR - 96 2 KB 16 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6127 20 44 - - 96 4 KB 32 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6126 20 44 - - 96 2 KB 32 KB 64 QFN
CC430F6125 20 44 - - 96 2 KB 16 KB 64 QFN
CC430F5147 20 30 10-bit SAR Yes - 4 KB 32 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5145 20 30 10-bit SAR Yes - 2 KB 16 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5143 20 30 10-bit SAR Yes - 2 KB 8 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5137 20 30  12-bit SAR - - 4 KB 32 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5135 20 30  12-bit SAR - - 2 KB 16 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5133 20 30  12-bit SAR - - 2 KB 8 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5123 20 30 - Yes - 2 KB 8 KB 48 QFN
CC430F5125 20 30 - Yes - 2 KB 16 KB 48 QFN
Key features and benefits
  • Enable smarter, low-power RF applications with more flexibility via the latest MSP430 MCU and leading low-power RF IC
  • Smaller products, easier manufacturing and lower systems cost through leading technology integration
  • Making RF design easy and driving fast time to-market via comprehensive tools and ecosystem available for our customers – including ETSI/FCC compliant reference designs and online support forums/infrastructure.
CC430 Block Diagram
The CC430 ecosystem
RF / Wireless networking is emerging as a key driver in several applications. While wireless applications are easy and convenient for the end user, the successful adoption of any wireless system is dependent on the robustness, interoperability and ease of use of the product. This in turn depends on the hardware and software infrastructure. More so than wired communication applications, the presence of varied RF protocols (some still emerging, in standards bodies) across the spectrum of applications and regulatory oversight over some of the RF bands around the world increases the importance of a proven ecosystem.

Texas Instruments is partnering with several industry leaders in the hardware and software fields to bring a compelling suite of options for our customers to enable various applications.

Ecosystem diagram Hardware partners/Solutions Hardware partners/Solutions Software partners/Solutions
Hardware Partners/Solutions
Company Hardware offered Description
Amber Wireless AMB852x Compact low cost radio module
AMB525-M Compact wireless M-Bus radio module
AMBZ Dev Kit Bundled development kit
BM Innovations Chronos Development Tool Development environment for CC430 and supporting peripherals
DigiKey CC430 Demo Board CC430 evaluation board interfaced with external sensors


CC430 Module FCC certified module based on CC430+CC1191 with multiple antenna configurations. Supporting gateway products for USB and Ethernet connectivity
Steinbeis CAPT2 Web Generic web2.0-based wireless M-Bus sniffer and gateway for remote monitoring and commissioning
Virtual Extension Landis+Gyr EM5100 meter Cost effective, highly reliable bi-directional wireless mesh configuration
Software Partners/Solutions
Company/Industry Alliance Software offered
DASH7 OpenTag (Dash7)
Sensinode NanoStack (6LoWPAN)
Steinbeis Wireless M-Bus Stack
Virtual Extension Diversity Path Mesh

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Low Power RF Developer Network

Sub-GHz Spectrum Analyzer now available

The MSP-SA430-SUB1GHZ Spectrum Analyzer is a CC430-based reference design that makes it easy and affordable to jumpstart RF development in the sub GHz frequency range.

Low Power RF Developer Network

CC430 Wireless Development Tool

This easy to use tool features a complete ecosystem which speeds your time to market. Leading integration allows for smaller products, easier manufacturing and lower system cost.

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