High-Performance Analog Optimized for DaVinci Technology

TLV320AIC33 Low-Power Stereo Audio Codec

TLV320AIC33: Low Power Stereo Codec with 6 Inputs, 7 Outputs, Integrated Headphone/Speaker Amps, 3D Effects

TLV320AIC33 - Low-Power Stereo Audio Codec


  • Stereo DAC 8-96ksps audio with 100dB SNR
  • Stereo ADC 8-96ksps audio with 92dB SNR
  • Inputs: 4 Diff-mic or line, 2 SE-mic or line (10 total) or 6 SE mic or line inputs (6 total)
  • Outputs: 4 headphone or speaker, and mono (10 total)
    • 40mW into 16-Ω SE stereo headphones with cap-less output options
    • 500mW into 8-Ω Diff stereo speaker driver (4x Differential power and 8 ohm)
  • Microphone input has bias, preamp, AGC
  • Headset detection with interrupt
  • Integrated PLL provides flexible audio clock generation (512KHz to 50MHz input clock)
  • Programmable digital audio
    • Bass/Treble/EQ/De-emphasis/3-D effects
  • Low Power: 14mW stereo 48ksps playback
  • Interfaces: Data SPI/IC Control, Audio IS/DSP/TDM
  • Packages: 5x5mm 80-BGA, 7x7 48-QFN


  • Cell Phones
  • PDAs
  • Voice/Audio Processors
  • Conference/IP Phones
  • General Portable Audio Equipment