lf bq20z90

1-Cell to 3-Cell Switchmode Lithium-Ion Charger
Single-Cell Charger with Power Path Management
Single-Cell, 8-Pin Battery Gas Gauge
3-MHz DC/DC; 2 mm x 1 mm

The bq20z90 accurately reports the remaining capacity over the entire life of multi-cell battery packs. Current battery management solutions do not calculate impedance as the pack ages, resulting in an error rate as high as 50% after a few months of use.

The bq20z90’s Impedance Track™ calculates changes in impedance caused by battery age, temperature and cycle patterns to predict remaining run-time within 1% accuracy throughout the entire life of the battery. It maximizes system run-time by enabling use of the full chemical capacity available in the battery pack.


Evaluation Module
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Many gas gauging technologies depend on static modeling techniques that require the creation of large databases to measure each attribute of available battery parameters. The Impedance Track’s dynamic modeling algorithm learns how much a battery has degraded through age, temperature or usage and then correlates typical chemical properties of the anode/cathode system in the battery’s cell, no matter what brand of battery cell is used. The patent-pending Impedance Track reduces development and implementation set-up time for a typical multi-cell battery pack from approximately six hours down to one hour.
99% accuracy over battery lifetime
Instant state-of-charge
Instant accuracy—no learning cycle required
Full array of programmable voltage, current and temperature protection features
Simple implementation
Telecom systems
Portable medical equipment
Portable industrial appliances
Portable instrumentation
Test equipment
Multi-cell Li-Ion battery packs
Tablet PCs