The TPS62300 3-MHz, 500-mA DC/DC converter offers 93% peak efficiency and -0.5% to 1.3% voltage regulation accuracy in an ultra-small 2 mm x 1 mm chip-scale package that is extremely reliable, lead (Pb)-free and green*. The smallest inductor size (1 µH), integrated FETs and chip-scale packaging result in the industry’s smallest, most efficient, high-accuracy step-down DC/DC solution for space-constrained, battery-powered applications.


The TPS62300 provides high power conversion efficiency to preserve battery life and simplify thermal design considerations. The device offers the industry’s highest DC voltage regulation accuracy and best-in-class load transient response to satisfy demanding processor core power requirements.

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Evaluation Module
At 5 mm x 5 mm, the typical TPS62300 solution is the smallest 500-mA DC/DC implementation available. An evaluation module (EVM) provides an easy-to-use platform from which to evaluate characteristics and ensure that application requirements are met. To order an Evaluation Module and sample, click here.

Up to 93% efficiency at 3-MHz operation
Up to 500-mA output current at Vin = 2.7 V
3-MHz fixed frequency operation
–0.5% to +1.3% DC voltage accuracy
5.4-V to 0.6-V output voltage range
Lead (Pb)-free and green*
2 mm x 1 mm chip-scale package
Typical Circuit: 5 mm x 5 mm total solution size
Low-power DSPs for portable applications, including TI’s TMS320C5503, C5507, and C5509 processors
Cell phones, smart phones
WLAN and Bluetooth™ applications
Micro DC/DC converter modules
PDAs, pocket PCs
USB-based DSL modems
Digital cameras
Device Description
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* TI defines "Lead (Pb)-Free" or "Pb-Free" to mean RoHS compatible, including a lead concentration that does not exceed 0.1% of total product weight, and, if designed to be soldered, suitable for use in specified lead-free soldering processes. TI defines “Green” to mean Lead (Pb)-Free and in addition, uses package materials that do not contain halogens, including bromine (Br), or antimony (Sb) above 0.1% of total product weight.