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Semiconductor packaging

Increasing demands for miniaturized electronic systems at reduced cost require reliable, cost-effective semiconductor packages with small form factors.

At Texas Instruments, semiconductor packaging is an integral part of the total system that includes design, technology, quality and high volume manufacturing. As a strategic differentiator for our analog, wireless and embedded processing businesses, IC packaging technology is solving customers' problems and enabling product differentiation.

TI's journey to high-volume copper
wire bonding production - White Paper

White Paper

TI's journey to high-volume copper wire bonding production

TI leading the way with IC packaging technologies

TI’s Wireless business has led the industry with its technology and helped set the foundation for modern wireless devices with its size, cost and packaging combinations, such as package-on-package (PoP). Today, TI ships more PoP devices than anyone else in the industry. We continue to produce small, cost-effective semiconductor packaging technologies in a timely manner to meet our Wireless customers' needs.

Packaging solutions are also provided for embedded processing applications where low to medium power, high performance, higher densities and miniaturization are critical.

TI's packaging roadmap addresses customers' needs across its entire analog, wireless and embedded processing portfolios.

Advancements in packaging technology

TI is well positioned to advance packaging co-design, and deliver the low-cost materials, processes and reliable interconnect technologies that are critical in enabling the next wave of innovative and manufacturable packaging solutions.

For example, TI has led the industry in the development, qualification, and transition to copper wire as a replacement for gold resulting in significant performance advantages and adding more value for its customers. In 2010, TI qualified and began shipping the industry's first fine-pitch copper pillar flip chip packages. In 2011, TI announced its PowerStack™ packaging technology, a unique clipped and stacked quad-flat no lead (QFN) approach for power management products targeted at high performance applications, has reached high-volume production. These important packaging technologies enable reduced chip sizes and greater power efficiencies, while boosting performance for semiconductor products.

TI has the broadest packaging portfolio in the analog market, supporting thousands of diversified products, packaging configurations and technologies. TI continues to invest in innovative packaging development and manufacturing in TI’s state-of-the-art Clark facility and other sites around the world. TI also recently expanded and strengthened its packaging portfolio through the acquisition of National Semiconductor and its packaging development expertise and offerings.

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A long history in packaging

TI's leadership in packaging is based upon decades of packaging expertise that has advanced the overall semiconductor industry through early innovation. TI pioneered Nickel Palladium (NiPd) and NiPd with Gold (Au) plating, eliminating lead (Pb) more than 15 years ahead of legislative mandates. Today TI continues its commitment to the environment, with more than 70 billion RoHS-compliant offerings shipped since 2006. That's 10 times more units than the number of people on the planet!

TI also designed and built the first practical, semiautomatic wire bonder production machine for the assembly of integrated circuits. Called the ABACUS (Alloy, Bond, Assembly Concept, Universal System), the system made the economical mass production of integrated circuits a reality. TI's first ABACUS machine is housed at the Smithsonian museum today.

Additionally, TI's fundamental research in the transfer molding encapsulation of semiconductor packages forms the basis for most of the past and present packages. These innovations have enabled manufacturing of robust packages that are widely used in the industry now.

TI's commitment to technology development and manufacturing enables the rapid ramp-to-volume and timely delivery of reliable, high-quality parts our customers.