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Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure

TI ceased manufacturing and supporting programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other products of its industrial controls business based in Johnson City, Tennessee (the "Business") in October 1991, when it sold the Business to Siemens Automation Systems.

Certain products of the Business may present Y2K issues. Series 305, 405, and 505 PLCs as well as intelligent modules include internal clock/calendar functions. These functions generate 2-digit year data that could be misinterpreted in the user’s application program. Y2K issues may also arise if date operations have been programmed using TISOFT and/or APT software. Although series 500 PLCs and TM990 microcomputers do not include an internal clock function, the possibility exists that users created a calendar function in the application code that could present Y2K issues.  The CVU 1000, 5000, 6000 and 10000 products do not allow dates beyond 1999, and operate with DOS environments which themselves may not be Y2K ready.

Users of these products and other products of the Business (such as 5TI, TIGATE and TIWAY) should thoroughly examine them in their environment and take action to remedy any Y2K issues. The failure to address these issues could result in system malfunction or failure.

TI also encourages users to consult Siemens Energy & Automation ( http://www.sea.siemens.com ) for information on these products as well as products sold after the October 1991 divestiture. Specific Y2K product information may be located on Siemens Energy & Automation’s Y2K web site ( http://www.sea.siemens.com/y2k/product/index.html ).

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