Shaping a favorable business environment

Tax policy I Operational flexibility and supply chain I Environment, safety and health

Tax policy

We support local, national, and international tax policies that recognize that the semiconductor industry is global, capital-intensive and R&D focused. Worldwide, we to seek to ensure that tax policies are fair, predictable, transparent and contribute to the global competitiveness of our operations.

In the United States, we are actively supporting comprehensive tax reform to ensure the United States has a globally competitive business environment and to reflect the reality of how our companies operate in global markets.

Our priorities in U.S. federal tax reform legislation include:

  • Significantly lowering the corporate tax rate to be competitive with other industrialized countries
  • Adopting a modern, internationally-competitive system that does not penalize companies that sell overseas
  • Enhancing incentives to perform R&D in the United States

We support business-friendly tax policies at the state level, including:

  • Ensuring a positive tax climate for Texas manufacturers
  • Maintaining Maine's business equipment tax exemption
  • Continuing California's R&D tax incentive
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Operational flexibility and supply chain

Our global supply chain and operations are core to delivering our innovative products and value to our customers. We monitor policies that affect our operational flexibility. Specifically, we support:

  • Maintaining affordable, sustainable and reliable access to energy and water for TI manufacturing sites
  • Ensuring that cybersecurity legislation and regulations recognize and build upon existing voluntary measures and further enhance threat information sharing
  • Managing privacy and cybersecurity concerns responsibly with flexible approaches that allow businesses to innovatively serve their customers around the world
  • Promoting responsible supply chain policies, including feasible and effective efforts to eliminate the use of conflict minerals
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Environment, safety and health

We have a strong record of commitment to ensuring a safe workplace and being a responsible steward of the environment.

We monitor environmental laws and regulations, particularly at the sites where we operate, and influence policies to ensure well-informed and responsible approaches. Our priorities include:

  • Encouraging environmental measures that are balanced, consistent and reflect the realities of multinational operations and complex manufacturing processes
  • Ensuring new regulations and legislation do not place undue burdens on our operations
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