Expanding market access and opportunities for business growth

Market access I Export controls I Technology-driven growth

Market access

As a U.S. based, multinational company that sells the majority of our products overseas, we advocate for open trade policies that recognize the global nature of the electronics industry and promote fair competition.

We work with the U.S. Administration, Congress, and other governments to encourage trade agreements and policies that:

  • Increase market access by reducing tariffs and eliminating other barriers to trade
  • Address discriminatory practices, standards or requirements that restrict trade or provide and unfair advantage to domestic firms
  • Increase transparency
  • Set high standards for intellectual property protection
  • Prevent forced technology transfer
  • Provide fair treatment for commercial products with complex security features
  • Discourage measures that restrict where data is stored or limit cross-border data flows
  • Ensure that state owned enterprises compete on a fair commercial basis
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Export controls

We take seriously our obligation to comply with export control laws and requirements. The U.S. government regulates the export of certain semiconductors, equipment and technology to particular countries and individuals. Current and proposed regulations must keep pace with technology developments to avoid controlling semiconductors that are sold into broad commercial applications.

We engage in ongoing efforts to reform export controls to reflect the global high-tech marketplace, while ensuring key technologies do not fall into the wrong hands. We support reforming export control regulations by:

  • Addressing treatment of dual-use products and encryption
  • Streamlining the deemed exports authorization process
  • Clarifying rules involving the transfer of products within companies
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Technology-driven growth

Electronics continue to revolutionize many sectors, including automotive, industrial, medical, and energy. The physical world is being connected in new and innovative ways. We support policies that foster technological advancements and allow our business to grow in these areas. Specifically, TI supports:

  • Encouraging deployment of technologies that improve automotive safety, advances autonomous vehicle development, and reduces emissions
  • Enabling the development of Internet of Things for both industrial users and consumers to benefit from smart technologies
  • Accelerating deployment of energy efficient and alternative energy technologies
  • Advancing the adoption of medical electronic technologies to allow less invasive diagnoses and procedures, better imaging and remote patient monitoring