About TI Venture Program

TI Venture (TIV) program was established in 1996. Today, TIV focuses primarily on delivering resources unique to a global semiconductor leader to technology entrepreneurs. Such opportunities may include technology, device or system level insight; joint development projects; semiconductor manufacturing; marketing and global channels to market. Occasionally, TIV may consider a strategic equity investment.

TIV actively works with a network of VC firms, other corporate VC teams and Angel partners sharing insight on solutions of mutual interest. Although TIV team may consider ecosystem solutions supporting TI's semiconductor platforms, the primary goal is to further TI's leadership in its core semiconductor offerings. TIV may also consider emerging technologies and advanced architectures which complement TI's businesses.

A good opportunity for TI Venture Program would have strong support from one of TI's business units and the potential to be integrated as a core TI product offering.