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Congressional passage of R&D and energy tax credits will help promote innovation
Bill Krenik, chief technical officer for the Wireless Terminals Business Unit (WTBU), and Jeff Bellay, vice president, Advanced Technology for WTBU, accepted the Tech Titans award along with members of the wireless team responsible for creating the winning technology.

The Metroplex Technology Business Council recently gave a Tech Titans award to TI in the Technology Innovators category, recognizing pioneering accomplishments for the creation of breakthrough technology that revolutionized low-cost mobile phones.

The team honored is part of TIís Wireless Terminals Business Unit, which delivers the foundation of todayís wireless technology and drives innovations that bring about the next generations of mobility. The product platform they developed has enabled TIís customers to offer affordable, advanced mobile phones to consumers around the globe, particularly in emerging markets where cost, power and performance are crucial.

Simply put, TI integrated almost all of the components needed for a mobile phone onto a single silicon chip, allowing cell phone manufacturers to quickly bring to market phones that are affordable and sleek, offering the features that consumers demand most while extending the phoneís battery life.

Bill Krenik, who served as the wireless groupís chief technology officer, recently told the Dallas Business Journal, "Ö a lot of times you stumble into technologies. This was a case where TI had a vision."

Krenik said that the company had seen wireless handsets that were "big, clunky and expensive," and resolved to make chips that would improve them.

TIís product platform enabled customers to bring affordable, advanced mobile phones to low-end market segments and emerging markets such as India and China. Improvements in voice amplification are very important in India, for example, where the environment can be very crowded and noisy. Longer standby and talk times are also key in environments where Ė because of unreliable power sources Ė individuals can only charge their cell phones once a week. In addition, the ability to receive an FM radio transmission might enable farmers in China to listen to weather reports or other useful broadcast information, helping them make the best decisions for their crops in real time.

The customer reaction was so positive that it led to TIís sharpest wireless product ramp in the company's history, with 100 million units shipped in less than five years. More than 20 customers worldwide have adopted this product platform.

The Tech Titans awards honor outstanding visionaries, leaders and innovators in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for their contributions and achievements in the field of technology.

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