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TI awarded for innovative clean-air partnership
L to R Governor Rick Perry; TCEQ Commissioner Bryan W. Shaw, Ph.D; Dr. Yurii Matros, Ph.D., president, Matros Technologies; TCEQ Chairman Buddy Garcia; John Miller, TI Worldwide Facilities project manager; TCEQ Commissioner Larry Soward; and Texas Senator Kip Averitt.
A groundbreaking partnership between TI and Matros Technologies Incorporated has contributed to cleaner air for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The results of this partnership have earned it a Texas Environmental Excellence Award, the state’s highest environmental honor, presented by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

TI and St. Louis-based Matros Technologies found new ways to reduce air emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while also reducing fuel use and the resulting emissions of nitrogen oxides. VOCs and nitrogen oxides contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, an air pollutant with potentially harmful respiratory effects.

A unique solution
In 2005, TI asked Matros Technologies to help solve a problem that has plagued the industry since regenerative thermal oxidizers went into use to reduce air pollution — the formation of silica, which plugs up the oxidizers. When that happens, the oxidizers cannot perform the critical task of reducing VOCs.

Engineers from Matros and TI devised an industry-specific catalyst that solved the problem. Since the Dallas/Fort Worth area is not in attainment with national ambient air quality standards, innovative measures like this one are welcome.

The installation of the new catalyst makes it possible to oxidize VOCs at lower temperatures, reducing TI's fuel costs by almost $900,000 a year. More importantly, the new, efficient process cut nitrogen oxides emissions by 45 percent and eliminates the disposal of 136 tons of packing material every four years. Reduced maintenance downtime also reduces VOC emissions.

The solution has been such a success that TI recently reported its findings at the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative in the hope that similar facilities around the world will turn to this technology. The performance to date drives home the point that environmental stewardship is not only good for the planet; it's good for the bottom line as well.

TCEQ annually presents Texas Environmental Excellence Awards to environmental projects across the state that demonstrate excellence in resource conservation, waste reduction and pollution prevention. The award-winning programs reflect the goals of the TCEQ: to protect Texas' human and natural resources and to ensure clean air, clean water and the safe management of waste.

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