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High Speed Data Converter Pro GUI

Designed to support the entire TSW14xx series of data capture and pattern generator cards, the HSDC Pro software provides a quick and powerful solution for analyzing TI high speed data converters.

(Go here for WaveVision 5 - Data Acquisition and Analysis Software For Older National Semiconductor High Speed ADC evaluation platforms)

HSDC Pro software

High Speed ADC Pattern Capture Tools


JESD204B RX and TX IP cores with 16 routed transceiver channels; operating range from 1.6 Gbps to 15 Gbps.


Features JESD204B capture up to 16-bits, 6.5 Gbps, 256M samples.


Features LVDS capture up to 16-bits, 1.0 GSPS, 64k samples.

TSW14J56EVM: JESD204B data capture card (12.5 Gbps)

Features JESD204B capture up to 16-bits, 12.5 Gbps, 2x256M samples.


Accessory board designed to drive the ADC1xD1x00RB in DESIQ Mode.

TSW14J10EVM: JESD204B EVM-to-FPGA FMC adapter

Allows JESD204B capture using Xilinx FMC FPGA cards and TI's HSDC Pro GUI Software/Firmware.

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ADC Wide Band Balun Board (ADC-WB-BB)

Accessory board designed for converting single-to-differential input with ADC1xD1x00RB evaluation platforms (balun covers 4.5 MHz to 3 GHz).

TSW1400EVM: LVDS ADC data capture card (512M samples)

Features LVDS capture up to 16-bits, 1.5 GSPS, 512M samples.

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