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Precision data converters - Featured products

Whether you need a highly accurate precision data converter to perfect your industrial design or seek an ultra-high-speed data converter to enable next-generation ingenuity, our analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) portfolio provides high-performance, low-power, small-size solutions to enhance your design. Our data converter product expertise and support will guide you every step of the way, empowering you to revolutionize our world.

Achieve superior precision with high-accuracy, precision data converters

Our precision ADCs and DACs enable you to process and generate higher-quality data, ensuring end-to-end accuracy in your application through lower noise, higher resolution and lower drift across wider temperature ranges. Our precision data converters offer minimal DC errors and reduce the need for system-level calibration in a variety of applications, including test and measurement, oscilloscopes, lab instrumentation, test equipment, and factory automation and control.

Featured high-accuracy, precision data converters


Industry’s lowest-noise, 24-bit delta-sigma ADC with integrated PGA, VREF, IDACs and oscillator


Industry's most accurate 16-bit, 2.4-mm-by-2.4-mm DAC offering up to 8 channels


20-bit, 1-MSPS SAR ADC with high DC accuracy of 2-ppm INL

Maximize system bandwidth with high-throughput, precision data converters

Our precision ADCs and DACs enable you to convert high-resolution data at low latency, allowing for a faster update rate and settling time to process more channels. Whether you’re looking to increase channel density or accelerate control loops, our high-throughput, precision data converters allow your design to precisely and more quickly convert data to enable faster decision-making in a variety of applications, such as optical networking, test and measurement, motor control, and grid infrastructure, among others.

Featured high-throughput, precision data converters


Industry’s best SNR, 16-bit, 3-MSPS simultaneous-sampling SAR ADC with internal reference, reference buffer and enhanced SPI


Very-high-DC-precision DAC (1 LSB INL at 16-bit resolution) with 0.5 μs settling time and ultra-low noise (12 nv/√Hz)


24-bit, 512-KSPS, wide-bandwidth delta-sigma ADC with 115.5-dB SNR and -129-dB THD

Get more per milliwatt with low-power, precision data converters 

Our precision ADCs and DACs meet your low-power design needs, while achieving system-performance goals, by extending battery life or providing greater power budget flexibility. Our low-power data converters further maximize battery life for your applications by featuring flexible power-down modes, autonomous alarm monitoring with microcontroller wake-up and low-voltage operation. From loop-powered applications, such as building automation and factory automation, to battery-powered applications such as personal electronics, we have a precision data converter to meet your low-power requirements.

Featured low-power, precision data converters


12-bit, 2-channel SAR ADC with nanowatt power consumption and 1.8-V, I2C operation


16-bit, programmable-current or voltage-output DAC with adaptive power management and a single, wide-power supply of 12 V-36 V


24-bit, 4-channel delta-sigma ADC featuring current consumption as low as 315 µA

Shrink your board with small-size, precision data converters

Achieve smaller size or higher channel density, while maintaining high performance, with some of the world’s tiniest ADCs and DACs. Our small-size package options, including X2SON and WCSP, will enable you to do more in space-constrained systems, such as factory automation and control, test and measurement, grid infrastructure and optical networking.

Featured small-size, precision data converters


24-bit, 4-channel delta-sigma ADC featuring current consumption as low as 315 µA


Industry's smallest, highest-accuracy 16-bit DAC, featuring up to 8 channels in a 2.4-mm-by-2.4-mm WCSP package


14-bit, 1-channel SAR ADC in a 2.25-mm-by-2.25-mm package with power scaling to extend battery life