Optimize communication with our isolated interface devices

Basic and reinforced isolation ICs offering industry-leading reliability, noise immunity and integration

Find your isolated RS-485, RS-422, CAN, I2C and LVDS device featuring an SiO2 insulation barrier that provides better lifetime reliability and high-voltage protection. Our high-voltage, integrated devices help reduce your design time and save board space.

Isolated RS-485

Save board space with our isolated RS-485 and RS-422 transceivers designed for reliable communication in noisy industrial enviornments.

Isolated CAN

Use our isolated CAN transceivers to keep emissions low and bus fault protection high in automotive and industrial applications.

Isolated I2C

Achieve reliable communication in industrial and automotive systems with our bidirectional, I2C-compatible digital isolators.

Isolated LVDS

Use our low-power isolated dual-LVDS buffers with high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions in high-voltage industrial systems.

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